Super Moon: A Short Play
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Super Moon: A Short Play

The moon is more exciting than you think.

Super Moon: A Short Play
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LANA................................................ Beautiful, modest girl. (20s)

WILL................................................. LANA’s boyfriend. Kind and protective. (20s)

TIME: Present

PLACE: Outside

SETTING: Dusk. The night sky has just appeared. If possible, somehow simulate stars on the backdrop. There is a blanket on stage with a picnic basket.

(Lights rise. LANA and WILL are sitting on the blanket watching the stars. They’re sitting close, but comfortably.)

LANA: It’s so beautiful out. Thank you for tonight, Will.

WILL: The night isn’t over yet. Open the basket.

LANA: (Opens the picnic basket. Pulls out a bottle and two wine glasses) Champagne? Oh, that is so sweet.

WILL: Anything for you, Lana. (pours champagne) I’m just happy I get to spend the night stargazing with you.

LANA: (Giggles and scoots closer to WILL) You know I love stargazing.

(They kiss.)

WILL: I have one more surprise for you tonight.

LANA: Oh? What’s that?

WILL: Look up at the moon.

LANA: The moon? (looks toward the moon) It’s so big and beautiful… Wait... is it…

WILL: Yep. It’s a super moon tonight.

LANA: (A little hesitant) A… a super moon?

WILL: Yeah, you know? When the full moon is really big in the sky?

LANA: (Confused, a bit of panic) Wait a minute, the super moon is tonight? I thought it was tomorrow.

WILL: That’s why I wanted to go stargazing tonight. It’ll be at its fullest in a few minutes.

LANA: Oh… Oh no. No, this cannot be happening.

WILL: What’s wrong baby?

LANA: (To herself) This was why my mom wanted me to stay home tonight. I can’t believe I did this. (To WILL) I’m so sorry, Will. I have to go.

(LANA gets up and starts to go. WILL quickly follows and takes her by the arm.)

WILL: (Worried) Lana, what’s wrong? I’ve never seen you like this before.

LANA: I… I can’t tell you. I made a promise to my mother. Now I have to go. You’re not safe with me here.

WILL: Not safe? What do you mean? Lana, what’s going on?

LANA: If I tell you, you’re never going to believe me. It’s best for us both if I just go.

WILL: Lana, I love you. Anything you have to say, I’ll listen.

LANA: (After some thought) I… This is going to sound really crazy, but I trust you, and we’ve been dating long enough that I feel you have a right to know. Will, I… I’m a werewolf.

WILL: (Slowly) You’re…You’re a… You're a werewolf?

LANA: Yeah. I’m a werewolf. Which is why you aren’t safe here. Look. The super moon is almost at its fullest point. Any minute now, the transformation will happen. And when it does, you’ll be right in my line of attack.

WILL: Wait. You’re telling me that you’re a werewolf?

LANA: Yes, we've already established this. I’m a werewolf, and you’re in danger.

WILL: This is insane! Werewolves aren’t real. There’s no way that my girlfriend is actually a werewolf.

LANA: Will, once a month, when the moon is full, I turn into a big, hairy beast and go on a rampage in the woods. Usually, my only victims are birds, squirrels, and the occasional moose. Tonight, if one of us doesn’t leave right now, I’ll be able to add my first human to my list. I don’t want that. Now please. You aren’t safe here.

WILL: I still don’t know if I believe this. I mean, a werewolf?

LANA: Will, I’m serious. You have to go.

WILL: I… fine. I’ll go. I love you. Please be safe.

LANA: It’s not me that I’m worried about.

(WILL walks off stage, slowly at first, still looking at LANA. They make eye contact and she shakes her head. WILL looks away and runs the rest of the way off stage. LANA stands staring at where WILL was then sinks to the ground by the picnic basket. She takes a sip of champagne as the lights slowly begin to fade. At about half-lights, LANA starts to cry. The lights fade to black. A howl is heard on stage from LANA as her transformation into a werewolf is now complete.)

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