It’s Not The Super Bowl Unless You EAT Like YOU'RE Playing
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It’s Not The Super Bowl Unless You EAT Like YOU'RE Playing

I mean, I'm not wrong. I know I ate like they could have "put me in, coach."

Photo by Nalau Nobel on Unsplash

Step aside, Thanksgiving, there's a new holiday in town and it's called the Super Bowl. I had no idea until the other day that more calories are consumed during the Super Bowl, but if you really think about it, it kind of makes sense.

It's a time in American history, or at least that's how serious it seems to be, where every team across the nation has battled each other, down to the last two. As these extremely fit individuals run around on the screen, we're there on the other end just stuff, stuff, stuffing our faces.

It's like Super Bowl party hosts everywhere are competing for the best buffalo chicken dip, the best wings, the best beer stash, or who can arrange the best cheese platter. There's nothing like a Super Bowl party, or even better, being invited to multiple Super Bowl parties.

Let's admit, this year's Super Bowl was just downright boring, and I actually found myself eating so much more than usual. But why?

Was it because Goff just couldn't connect with any of his fellow teammates, or that their kicker just couldn't connect his kick for that last-stitch effort? Or maybe the fact that I knew I'd be getting numerous calls, texts, and Facebook posts from my mom congratulating Tom Brady on yet… another Super Bowl.

I always questioned why she did that, too, because I'm not a Patriots fan. I respect what they've created for themselves, but I've never been a fan. So, the only other explanation is to congratulate me on all of the food I stuffed my face with that day. Either way, it's so odd that no one really catches on to the amount of food they've consumed during the Super Bowl.

I know one thing is for sure, next year's Super Bowl is going to be a little different.

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