Super Bowl, (Super) Commercials
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Super Bowl, (Super) Commercials

The REAL reason why some of us watch the Super Bowl.

Super Bowl, (Super) Commercials
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OK friends, let's be real. When we think of Super Bowl, some of us watch it for the food. Or for the commercials. Maybe the actual football. One of the three...only a few of us actually watch it for all of it.

Remember that epic Doritos commercial from a few years ago? Yeah, I think I laughed about that for a good year or so. OH!! Remember the "Let Her Go" Budweiser commercial? OK I AM NOT EVEN A DOG/HORSE PERSON BUT DANG THAT WAS SO CUTE. Super Bowl ads (definitely) are probably one of the best things about the NFL.

Though they're funny, sometimes emotional, commercials are very expensive to advertise on the "holy Sunday" (nickname for Super Bowl Sunday for all major football fans). According to USA Today, CBS news is now charging $166,666 per second for each commercial, or $5 million in total for SB 50. In 1947, Super Bowl commercials cost max $42,000.

For me, it's always fun to rate each commercial and see which ones flopped and others that were worth the money spent on it. So without further ado, let's check out the ratings for the commercials (well, some of them) of Super Bowl 50.

1. Michelob Ultra "Breathe" Commercial

Grade: D-

Alright so, here I am, watching so attentively my TV, and BAM! I hear thousands of breaths right after each other. What even was that??!! That one second when the swimmer came on and there was no sound...goodbye. Safe to say that this ad was probably one of the creepiest one of all time.

2. Doritos "Ultra Sound" Commercial

Grade: A+

Doritos NEVER fails to keep me laughin' and cheerful. The whole chip side-to-side thing and the baby movin' and then the baby comin' out...HEHEHE. Side note: the man is me on a spiritual level. I love my Doritos. Not even lyin'.

3. Snickers "Marilyn Monroe" Commercial

Grade: B-

The famous Marilyn Monroe pose always being altered to be applied to present day...hmm. The famous Snicker's "You're Not You When You're Hungry" was very literal in this instance. I mean don't get me wrong, it was pretty funny I guess, but a little too literal. Next time, Snickers.

4. Advil "Tougher, Stronger, Better" Commercial

Grade: B-

When this picture above first came on the screen, I was pretty confused to say the least. Advil, you def showed/explained the slogan "tougher, stronger, better" part...I'm only slightly creeped out with the extreme flexibility of several individuals...

5. T-Mobile "Drop the Balls" Commercial

Grade: A-

One word. Awkward.


Grade: A++

To be real, I'm not exactly the biggest Beyoncé fan, but dang. That was the best way to announce a summer stadium tour. First we were blessed with Coldplay, Bruno Mars, and Bey's presence all at once and THEN she just yeah. She. Yeah.

7. "Hotline Bling" // T-Mobile

Grade: A+++

OKAY I REALLY DID STOP BREATHING FOR A MINUTE BECAUSE DRAKE CAME ON. I LITERALLY FREAKED OUT TO MY FRIEND AND JUST SAID DRAKE. T-Mobile, you have outdone yourself this Super Bowl. Just because of Drake and Steve Harvey.

I'm gonna be real, real quick. The commercials this year did not live up to my expectations but there were a couple of really good/funny ads.

Until February 2017, friends.

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