Drexel is a quarter system school, meaning while other schools have 2 terms and a summer, we have 4 terms, all year around. So while everyone else is excited to finish up their academic year, us here at Drexel are on WEEK 5 of our 10 week term. What's it like being at a co-op, quarter system school??

1. All of your friends are home while you're still writing papers and taking exams.

2. It's gorgeous outside but you have a 3 hour lecture!!!!

3. Your friends are all excited that they have time off between school and work to go take trips and hang out while you'll be here cramming for finals!!!!

4. But!!!!! you get to see your school friends for longer!!!!

5. AND take advantage of the parties for longer!

6. While enjoying what your city (Philly) has to offer!

7. AND now that no one else is in school, there's no excuse not to come visit!

8. While your friends were on break, you were preparing for the opportunities that come with a co-op school, like getting ready for your JOB!

9. But when finals roll around, none of your friends from home will want to hear about your stress.

10. And while we all know that the summer is the most important part of the year, leaving your college friends to see your home friends is always hard, because your college friends have become your family.

But you'll be back at school soon enough!!!!