A Day In The Life Of Every Elementary-Schooler During Summer Break In The Early 2000s
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A Day In The Life Of Every Elementary-Schooler During Summer Break In The Early 2000s

You discuss other important topics such as which Jonas Brother is cutest. It was never Kevin.

A Day In The Life Of Every Elementary-Schooler During Summer Break In The Early 2000s

Let's go back to a simpler time: a summer day in the early 2000s. You are a kid - maybe around 8-10 years old. You feel so grown up.

You are ready to take on this day.

You open your eyes to the sound of your mom waking you up.

She tells you to get up because you have camp today. You start by looking out the window. You see the sun pouring through your window, and you run excitedly downstairs. Your mom is making your favorite breakfast: Fruit Loops and milk. You scarf down your cereal, and you cannot wait to seize the day. You have such a full day ahead of you.

9:00 rolls around, and you go back upstairs and put on your favorite camp outfit.

You pair your cutest jean shorts with your favorite striped top from Justice. You wanted to wear your Abercrombie shirt, but it is in the wash. You put a butterfly clip in your hair and Lip Smackers on your lips. Mom won't let you wear makeup yet. You put on your Sketcher's sneakers (because your parents refuse to buy you wheelies) and know that you are ready for whatever life throws at you today.

Mom drops you off at camp.

She tries to give you a hug goodbye, but you're too cool for Mom's hugs. You have grown up after all. You race to meet up with your friends on the playground. You discuss what happened on Wizards of Waverly Place last night. "How could Alex do that?!" You are also informed that one of your friends got an iPod Touch for her birthday! She is so cool.

You can message people with that. You also discuss other important topics such as which Jonas Brother is cutest. It was never Kevin.

Your friend informs you the exciting news that there is going to be a Disney Channel Original Movie airing on TV tonight. You are ready for what you will tell your mom. You just HAVE TO see this movie. Everyone who is anyone is going to watch it. You also talk about the hottest guy in your class. Every girl is in love with him. He has a Justin Bieber hair cut, and his hair flops in his face. He is just soooo cute! Also, he is good at baseball which is another plus.

After a tough workout on the playground, your counselor informs you that it is time to play kickball.

Kickball isn't your favorite, but maybe it will be fun. After kickball comes softball. By the time you finish both games, it is already 12:00. It is time for lunch. One of your friends is eating Lunchables. Mom won't buy them for you often because they are unhealthy and she says they look gross. What could be gross about ham and cheese in a plastic container?! You grab the lunch your mom packed you with a note. Omg she's so embarrassing. But secretly you love the note. After lunch, you have just a little time left before your mom picks you up at 2 to go to your swimming lesson at the lake. You are so excited. The class is working on the backstroke today!

Swimming proves to be a hard task.

Mom made you take off all your silly bands so they don't get dirty. She doesn't want you to look cool, you decide. The swim lesson is so energy-draining that you only want to stay for an hour after your swim lesson to build sand castles with your friends. You make a cool sand castle that has a moat and everything. You decide you might want to swim some more and beg your mom to let you swim out to the dock. She doesn't let you this time because you have to be home to have dinner. Walking out, you see the ice cream truck. Mom says that there is ice cream at home. On the way home, she calls your dad at work on her Blackberry phone. You want a phone so bad; if you got one, you would get a Blackberry of course. You decide there will never be a phone cooler than a Blackberry.

At home, you take a cold shower to wash off the gross lake and all of the sunscreen you didn't want to put on.

Apparently, sun burns can lead to becoming sick. After your shower, you put on an oversized t-shirt and eat your dinner. Dad is home from work; he complains about being tired from a long day. How could he be more tired than you?! You went to camp and had a swimming lesson. Apparently, those activities are not more tiring than a long day at the office. Dinner is ready. Mom barbequed!! She made your favorites: hamburgers and hot dogs. It was an amazing meal. But you must bring yourself away from the table to tend to your Webkinz. Your pet may be able to buy some new furniture for its house. After fixing that situation from becoming a disaster, you log on to play a little Mario Cart on the Wii. This helps you to kick back after your long and tiring day. Before you play, you fix your Mii and make a few new ones. Can never have too many Miis!

Your mom yells to you from upstairs that you left your DS on the table.

You go upstairs and put it away. It is the perfect opportunity to ask Mom if you can stay up and watch the movie on Disney Channel. She agrees to let you watch half - until 9 which is past bedtime - and then she will tape the rest for you to watch another time. She says that you need your sleep to take on another day of camp tomorrow.

You also ask her if you can chat with your friends with instant messaging on your Yahoo email.

You just got an email and you love being able to tell your friends about your day. You can use such cool texting slang: brb, gtg, lol. Mom says that it would be too much screen time. She also warns you not to go on Omegle; she does not want you talking to random strangers.

Around 9:00, Dad and Mom come downstairs and tell you that it is time for bed.

It was a crazy day in the life of you. Summers are incredible, and they feel like they will last forever. You can't wait to be an adult. Then you can go to bed past 9.

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