10 Things Students Will Automatically Do When Returning To Campus

During the month of January, college students all over the country return to their dorms and their college life. Whether it may be similar to the one they lead at home with their parents or one drastically different, there are still some things college kids will do regardless of their personality.

1. Relish their freedom.

2. Immediately lament the lack of accessible food.

3. Parse out your budget for the semester.

4. Find the friends you haven't seen all break.

5. Start planning to be that studious self you promised yourself you'd be in your New Year's resolutions.

6. Which means, of course, going shopping for all new school supplies.

7. Immediately reverting back to your diet of junk food and instant ramen.

8. And also immediately reverting back to your terrible sleep schedule of going to bed at 2 a.m. and having to wake up at 7.

9. Bemoan your classes. (It's different when you're at home.)

10. Procrastinating, of course!

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