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9 Ways To De-Stress In College As Told By 'Spongebob Squarepants'

Have you recently just finished an exam? Gone through a stressful or traumatic week? If you said yes, then this is for you.

Spongebob Staring At Water

Life can be really stressful at times, especially for a college student. With your grades, assignments, and exams weighing you down, it's always a good idea to have ways to relieve the pressure. Here are some ways to de-stress in the hectic college life, courtesy of "Spongebob Squarepants."

1. Write it down.

If there's something that you just have to get out of your chest, that you just don't have the time or courage to tell someone, write down those frustration on a piece of paper. Write down anything that comes to mind, good or bad. Just let your feelings out instead of bottled up.

2. Take a break.

If everything happening in your life is too hectic or feels like too much, make sure you catch a breather. Take a thirty-minute nap when you're absolutely exhausted or take five to 15-minute breaks when studying. Remember to eat and drink often and use these needs to give yourself a pause from the busy day.

3. Stay in and pull out your stash of movies. 

A hectic week usually means little sleep, naps at any opportunity, lots and lots of study and assignments, and very little time to watch your favorite shows. Now that time allows it, you can marathon your favorite Halloween movies.

4. Take a walk in the nice weather.

With the weather starting to cool down in the Midwest, walks outside sound more tempting than the humid weather of the month before. Use this opportunity to pause on the assignments and enjoy some time in the fresh air.

5. Talk with someone.

Similar to writing a letter, letting out your feelings – in a healthy manner - to someone can be a serious relief. Rant about how busy you've been, your frustrations about classes, or your hopes and needs.

6. Spend time in a familiar place.

After a long day, there's nothing better than going to a place that makes you feel at ease. This can be spending time in your bedroom, visiting your favorite café, or visiting home if possible, anywhere that makes you feel at peace and relaxed.

7. Plan an outing with friends and family.

A full schedule of assignments, exams, and events usually mean spending less and less time with friends or family. After times of loaded schedules, planning something with friends or family can help wind you down. A movie day, brunch, lunch, dinner, or simply meeting up would be a good way to de-stress. And if you're able to, plan a day to surprise your family by paying them a visit.

8. DIY a spa day.

Although it's tempting to empty your wallet on getting your nails or brows done, getting a facial, or spending time at a spa, a college budget doesn't really allow that. Having an at-home spa session with some face masks, tea, and bathrobe with your favorite tv show on in the background can be a wallet-friendly relaxation alternative.

9. Clean up.

Maybe it's just me, but seeing a chaotic room in the midst of my chaotic week doesn't really help with toning down the stress. Clean up the clothes on the floor, do the laundry, sweep the floor, and organize those shelves and desk. Seeing a clean room will bring some relief and put your mind more at ease.

It's always good to have something to boost your mood during times of stress. Hopefully, trying out one of these tips helps you relieve pressure and feel rejuvenated.

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