Why I Am Still Hyped About The Legend Of Korra
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Why I Am Still Hyped About The Legend Of Korra

Why LOK is still the best show ever.

Why I Am Still Hyped About The Legend Of Korra
Avatar, The Last Airbender

It’s been two years since the end of this show and to say I am still obsessed to put it likely. I mean Obsessed (capital is intentional). The show goes on my top ten shows easily from first watching and I was surprised that it stayed there. When I first heard it was coming back I was hyped. I like a lot of people thought we would see the go ole team avatar back to kick some butt and taking some names (yes, I know there is comics) Again like everyone else I was disappointed and nervous when they said there was a new avatar in town. No more Aang? (ān ing not ung).

How will we live? How will the new avatar hold up, cause no one can beat my main man Aang. Boy was I wrong. Korra was bold, brash, hard-headed, and I loved every part of her. She came with a cast of character that shined just as much as her. After watching season 1 (and will continue to re-watch) with my roommate I came up with a list of reason why I (and my roommate) am still geeking about this show.

*Warning Spoilers Ahead*

1. The Art

I am not sure if you have seen this art but I got to tell you it is some of the best I have seen so far. most people have seen Avatar the Last Airbender (if you haven't where have you been?). There are a lot of shows out there that have some amazing looking characters and designs but no show I have seen in the past couple years have payed that much attention to detail as LOK. I mean look at this!

The amount of detail that went into these backgrounds were amazing as these would have to be redrawn each scene. Especially when there was damage in a fight. Continuity save lives. As dumb as it sounds, it is important difference between enjoying a show and sitting there trying to realize what is wrong with it for hours.

2. The Plot Twists

LOK has some amazing plot twist. There always seems to be a major plot twist every two episodes or so but somehow it is never annoying. The plot twist always seems to enhance the show instead of pissing everyone off instead of being there for the sake of being there. They also seem to take everyone by surprise even though you can see it coming. I mean who saw this coming?

Or this coming?

3. Korra herself

Like I said Korra herself is one of my favorite avatars. Like I said Previously I was nervous about have a female main character, especially a female main character of color. I was worried that we would get either stock character. Instead we got a strong, hot-headed, self-confident, empathic, and willing (sometimes) to learn avatar. Who was also nothing like Aang. I not saying I don't like Aang, my biggest fear was that she would end up being caricature of him. I had a lot of faith in the writers (still do) but I had gone through too many spinoff show where it was the same character just with different names. This didn't happen, I could Identify with LOK because it was its own show. She was her own character and I could help love her for it.

4. The Characters

Look at that cinnamon roll.

He so precious

Look at him

The actual designs of the characters was amazing. The detail that goes in to each character was immense. Even though it could have been lazy and had the same traits for each type of character they didn't do that. Each character had their own personality traits added to their character design. Of course I not talking about the background characters ,and neither would I expect them to personalize each and every background character, but for the characters they do they go all out. That doesn't stop at design but also personalities. Bolin is a good example of that, he is an earth bender and for most cartoons he would be a caricature of Toph. The writers decided to take a different route instead they gave him his own personality. He is nice, funny, kind, and smart ( though not always in a traditional way). I not going even start on Lin Befong. She is a literal queen, and I could write a whole article on her and how she didn't end up a bitter spurned female character.

5. The music

The music was one of the best part of the of the show. It always seemed to fit the mood or more accurately it would make the mood of the shows. It put movie soundtracks to shame, gave people chill even with out the background pictures. The music for the last scene is a perfect example.

A version without background pictures:

A version with background pictures:

6. Bisexuals, Bisexuals Everywhere!!!

LOK did what many cartoon did not. It created the first openly bisexual character of color. The way the relationship between *Spoiler* Asami and Korra developed over four season was amazing and honestly most of us did not see it coming. We watched season three and had gotten some good hints that there could be more between the two but we all thought like most shows they wouldn't touch it. Then season four attacked.

How could there be anything else but our ultimate ship. I mean how can she get together with Mako? He already is in a ship.

He has someone so he out of the running. Plus, how can you argue with this?

It okay I can hear your fan screams for more rom here. So I offer up this in concession.

Our Reaction:

Needless to say, I am still Geeking about this show. It is amazing and I probably going still geek about it for times to come.

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