Psalms 136 is all about God's love for us and how it is steadfast. Now, when i first read that I didn't quite understand the word steadfast. I mean I knew what going steady was like back in the day dating, but I didn't understand what steadfast meant. So, I luckily pulled out my phone and typed in my google search "steadfast."

The meaning of steadfast is this: resolutely or dutifully firm and unwavering.

Now let's put that into our verses and see what God is telling us through this new definition.

God says in every. single. verse. of the entire passage this phrase "for His steadfast love endures forever."

GUYS. are you seeing what I'm seeing? God tells us that His love, His freaking love will never falter, it'll never waver, it'll forever be there for you and me. God will forever love us no matter what we do or say because His love for us is firm and unwavering. This is so amazing.

How could we ever deserve this? How could us sinners face God and ask for His love even when we make mistakes and fall short of His expectations. I'll tell you how we are able to receive this type of love. It's all because of our great earthly messenger: Jesus. When Jesus took the burden of all our sins on the cross and died an awful death He was only thinking about us. Before He died He literally said that God should not punish those hurting Him because they did not know of what they were doing.

Guys. we don't deserve His grace and we surely don't deserve His forgiveness or love. However, God is wanting to give us more than just this. God wants to give us all the beautiful things that this world has to offer. He wants to save us from ourselves because the love He has for us is never going to falter. That is so unbelievable. I truly think that I'll never be able to wrap my brain around that concept.

People, this is why this passage has spoken so many volumes to me. My greatest fear in life is never finding someone that can truly love me as I am but jokes on me cause I've had this person my entire life. I was just not in touch with my faith and I didn't have deep roots or an open relationship with Jesus. My heart did not know of His true glory and joy that He brings into every life He touches, but once I did, I couldn't get enough.

I want you all to love people just as God loves us. He wants you all to love your neighbor as you love yourself and as He loves you. Take His lessons on steadfast love and apply them to your own lives. Become the person in your life with a strong and unwavering love for everyone. I know that I strive each day to do this and even though I fall short I have faith and know that God is using me and nurturing this love for others as a way to spread His word.

God is so good. So, please adopt this way of love and come and enjoy His goodness with me!