Staying Productive Over Winter Break
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Staying Productive Over Winter Break

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Staying Productive Over Winter Break

With finals week (finally) coming to an end and my friends starting to head home for the break, I have found myself reflecting on the semester and thinking about everything that went well. This semester I joined Alpha Chi Omega, acquired an internship through The Odyssey, and began working at a restaurant on campus. Along with everything that went well, came the downsides of this semester. I was sick quite a bit, had way too many stressful study sessions in the library, and found myself struggling to balance my schedule with my social life at times. In the end, however, I can say that I had a fairly great semester thanks to my involvement with school and productivity. Now that I won't have my sorority, my job or schoolwork to keep me busy over the winter break, I have begun to wonder what I can do to stay productive. After all, hibernating in my room and watching Netflix for the entire four weeks I have off would just be a complete waste right? I'm sure I'm not alone on this topic, so here is a list I've compiled of ways to stay productive over winter break:

Go to the gym.
Working out and staying fit always seems to be at the top of everyone's new years resolution, however, very few actually follow through. Now that you have plenty of free time this winter break, why not make it a routine to head to the gym a few days out of the week? After all, they say that summer bodies are made in the winter.

Organize Your Room or Clean Out Your Closet.
I don't know about you, but I have plenty of clothes in my closet that I haven't worn in years and most likely will never wear again. If you're in this same predicament, consider cleaning out your closet and donating any unwanted clothing to your closest Goodwill. If you're looking to make some extra cash, you could also hold a garage sale and sell some of those clothes.

With all of my close friends away to different colleges the majority of the year, winter break is always a great time for us to catch up and hang out. To make the most out of your time off, consider planning a trip over the break with your friends. It definitely doesn't have to be a cross country road trip, but a few days spent out of town with your closest friends is always great to get away and just have fun.

Pick up a seasonal job (if possible), or babysit.
If you're looking for ways to make some extra cash while you're back home for winter break, try picking up a seasonal job if possible. Although you'll only have the job for a month, it's worth a try. If not, babysitting or dog sitting is always a great way to make some easy pocket money.

Apply for Scholarships or Internships.
Now that you have some free time to write a few extra essays, why not apply for some scholarships or internships? After all, everyone loves free money for school and having an internship is almost vital these days in landing a job out of college. 

Perhaps take a few hours out of your day to volunteer at your local Boys and Girls club or nearest homeless shelter. Not only does volunteering and community service benefit those you are helping, but you get a sense of happiness and achievement that comes along with making a difference in another person's life through your small act of service.   

Catch Up On Some Reading.
Ever since I started college a mere year and a half ago, I have struggled with finding time to read for leisure. With college textbooks competing for my reading attention, I have absolutely no motivation to read another book on top. Now that I am free from the reigns of my textbooks, I have time to just relax and read a few books that have my interest.

Now that you have read my list of ways to stay productive over the winter break, perhaps you will lay off the Netflix binge-watching days and make use of your time off.

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