How To Stay Active While Staying Inside
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Staying Active While You're Stuck Inside IS Possible, It Just Takes Some Small Steps

I know the last thing you want to think about right now is exercising, but it's time to put down the controller and put on your workout clothes.

Staying Active While You're Stuck Inside IS Possible, It Just Takes Some Small Steps

As someone who has also been living on a bed since March, I can guarantee you that working out has been the last thing on my priority list. It's pretty far down there, along with my motivation and brain cells I used to use for work. However, I have made an effort in the past couple of weeks to move up exercising to at least number three on my priorities list.

Because I haven't gone out to eat, my weight has stayed pretty much the same. However, over the last few weeks as the stress of school finally kicked in, I find myself reaching for chips, chocolate, soda, and microwavable food a lot more frequently.

There are plenty of ways to stay active even if the gyms are closed, or you just don't want to go there because it would put you at risk. I totally get that. When I used to live on campus, I would at least try to go to the gym every two weeks. However, if I ever got lazy during some periods, I knew that I was still staying active because of how much I walk around campus.

This brings me to my first point — walking.

Walking is the easiest way for you to stay active. Research shows that even if you just walk around your house or your backyard, that will stimulate your muscles to stay in shape and keep the blood flow going.

With the weather getting better as we move in the winter months (also because climate change is being ignored but that's a whole separate article), going outside and walking will seem a lot more pleasing.

I personally like to wake up early with my dad, go to a nearby park, have my mask ready just in case it is crowded, and enjoy the little walk. Another plus is that my boyfriend convinced me to download "Pokemon Go," and now I just catch Pokemon on my walks while enjoying the scenery around me.

Another way I have been staying active is by doing Zach Bush's four-minute exercises. I could never keep up with the long, hard, exercises of other personal trainers, but Zach's videos have truly changed my outlook on workout videos. The exercises are simple yet they do the trick. You might be thinking that four minutes might not do much to keep you in shape, but if you do the exercises every day, you will see great results. For me personally, I managed to lose around five pounds after just one week.

These are just two very easy tips that I can give for staying active. However, I do have to say that you should exercise in moderation. I think staying active will help your mental health and also give you some added serotonin in a world where getting that is now scarce. Too much exercise, however, will not only damage your body but also hurt your mental health. You shouldn't feel like you need to lose weight because society wants you to. You should always be wanting to lose weight because you want to and no one else has a say in it. It could get pretty dark when those two ideologies cross, but remind yourself before exercise that you are doing this to make yourself happy and you aren't doing it because of the expectations society has placed for you.

Now go on! Put on those work out clothes and lose that quarantine 15.

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