It is such a simple phrase and yet it is ruining the people in our society one by one. We as a race are becoming lazier by the second and the best thing that we're doing about it is making excuses for ourselves for why we didn't get our grocery shopping done today or why I didn't get my workout in or anything really. We are making excuses for ourselves because we don't want the harsh reality. That we are not choosing us and rather we are choosing everything else around us.

It's a hard realization to wrap around our brains, but think about how many times you have maybe thought about doing something and have really wanted to do it but you told yourself that you were going to start at the beginning of a new week so that you can start it fresh. Well, why not just start it tomorrow? What is so bad about maybe starting on a Thursday?

For example, I am notorious for wanting to start a specific running plan and I always tell myself that I'll begin it. However, one thing leads to another during my days and sometimes I just want to kick up my feet after a long hard day and relax. Then my relaxation hour turns into three and suddenly I have to head off somewhere or I need to eat dinner. Next, I can't workout while I'm doing something and I definitely don't want to go run a few miles right after I eat cause who would really want to do that? Finally I find myself thinking that I can go to the gym at 10 at night but nope I actually really want to stay in my dorm under my blanket. It is a never-ending cycle of me doing this all the time.

You know what I always say to myself? I say, "oh it's okay, I can start tomorrow."


People we don't want to continue waiting around for life to begin. Whatever it is that you keep putting off and not facing is not helping you in any way. This vicious cycle is hurting you more than anything because if you keep putting off things you may just wake up one day and wonder how many days you have wasted in your life doing absolutely nothing.

The time to start living is now, right here, in the present. There is no magical day for you to begin getting your life today that is going to help you stick it out and there are no magical words that you can say to yourself to help you accept the fact that you truly are wasting your life away the more you sit around and wait for the perfect time to start living.

I promise that life begins when you choose to start living and once you choose that, my friend then you are golden.

So go! Live! Do everything that you are putting off and start right now.