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The 13 Stages of Taking a Summer Class Online, As Told By The Disney Princesses

Just because it's summer, does not mean my paper won't be turned in an hour before its due.

The 13 Stages of Taking a Summer Class Online, As Told By The Disney Princesses

Summer is in full swing, but school has not left the building. Sometimes you have to take an online summer class. Thankfully, the Disney Princesses know exactly how you feel.

Stage 1: Signing Up

There is nothing like the feeling of knowingly signing away your summer. Just like Ariel, you don't know what you are getting yourself into, but it sounds good in the moment. Walking on land is the exact same thing as earning three credits. It only leads to good things, right?

Stage 2: Goodbye Freedom

"I'll only need a two week break from reading, papers and assignments and then I'll be ready to get back at it," said no one ever. Like Rapunzel, this is what the week before an online class looks like. Soon it will be schedules, due dates, and school work. You try to enjoy the freedom while you still have it.

Stage 3: The Syllabus

This means it's really happening. This is not a dream. Watch as Belle glides through all those readings, papers, homework and more. All of which can be found on the syllabus. It's go time.

Stage 4: The First Assignment

That was it? Just a nice, soft opener to the next five weeks. Hey! You even earned all the points! A+ for sharing a fun fact about yourself to people you will never see in real life. Take Snow White's advice, a little applause goes a long way.

Stage 5: Getting In A Rhythm

Phew! The first couple of assignments are in and you've even turned them in well in advance. This might not be so bad after all. That's right, Moana, smoothing sailing for this online summer class machine!

Stage 6: First Big Project

SMS! Save MY Ship! You just received an email reminder from you teacher that the first project, as outlined in the syllabus, is coming up. And trust me, your face looks just like Mulan's. "Oh yeah, that's...something...I do," you say. The shock. The surprise. And the sadness.

Stage 7: Old Habits Die Hard

And just like that, you are halfway through the class. However, poor habits from the school semester are coming back. The days of early submissions or spending time working on papers are no longer. Nope! Now you ignore assignments like the plague. And most times, if not all, that assignment is turned in an hour before it's due. Clearly, Cinderella can relate to the all nighters about a paper on the global economy.

Stage 8: The Homework Excuse

Other than getting class credit, there is another perk to the online summer class. The beloved homework excuse. Don't want to go to your Aunt's sister's husband's niece's cousin's wedding? Didn't think so. Like Tiana, shrug the shrug and claim homework.

Stage 9: Really Needing The Excuse

Sadly, at some point, you HAVE to start using the excuse. This means missing out on the fun things only summer can provide. Want to go swimming with friends? Sorry, your paper is due tomorrow. Want to visit the drive in theatre for a late night showing? Haha, can't, homework. It's like school, but in the summer, it's so worse. Oh Merida, we didn't want to actually have to use the excuse either.

Stage 10: There's More?

So you just spent the last three days putting all your effort into one, big project. Congrats! But remember, this is a summer class. You only have five weeks to accomplish a semester. Read the dread in Aurora's face as you both realize that when one project ends, an even bigger one is around the corner.

Stage 11: The Finish Line Is In Sight

You are almost there! It is the last week and you are tying up all the loose ends. Anna, we feel ya. Do not tell yourself you cannot do it anymore, because you CAN! You made it this far, don't stop now. The end is near.

Stage 12: The Last Assignment

You've hit submit for the last time. It is over! Freedom is here! Goodbye assignments in the summer. Goodbye online classmates that suffered through these five weeks with me. We've never met in real life, but thanks for being there. Pocahontas has it right. Turning the last bit of work is exactly like this. The biggest celebration of the summer.

Stage 13: Time For Summer

It truly is a whole new world! Like Jasmine, you can experience this season as it should be. Summer is a break, so take it! Forget those last five weeks even happened and get into the spirit of summer. Late nights, swimming, ice cream, watching movies, going on adventures are waiting for you and nothing is holding you back.

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