St. Augustine Is A Great Spring Break Getaway
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If You're A College Student, Here Are 15 Reasons Why St. Augustine Is A Great Spring Break Destination

There's more to this town than the historical district.

If You're A College Student, Here Are 15 Reasons Why St. Augustine Is A Great Spring Break Destination
Tayler Klinkbeil

The first half of Spring Semester is an opportune time for bleary-eyed college students to scour the internet for potential Spring Break getaways. Whether you're traveling on months of penny-pinching, or dipping into your savings, or getting a parental loan, traveling for your week of freedom brings happiness like no other.

Florida college students in particular often run into the issue of sky-high rates and booked hotels. These roadblocks often redirect Spring Break planning into a location that you may not expect. That's exactly what happened for my Spring Break this year, but I think to go to places no one else suspects makes that getaway all the more unique.

I ended up in St. Augustine, which most people know for its historic downtown district and 4th-grade field trip quality. I'm here to show you that not only is this town a beach town in its own right (which in my opinion are the only towns to spend Spring Break in), but also a unique collection of activities fit for all ages.

1. The beach is gorgeous.

Tayler Klinkbeil

On the shores of the Atlantic, it may not be the white-powder sand of southern Gulf beaches, but it has its own dark-water charm that I think shouldn't be overlooked.

2. You can go kayaking (among other water sports).

Do keep an eye on the tides. A local ranger was adamant that he's saved one too many tourists from a swift current on the Intercoastal. He says the smart thing to do before setting out on a kayak is going out with the tide and rolling back in on it. Less work for both the paddler and rescuer in that situation.

3. Yes, they have Uber here (and more importantly, UberEats).

Tayler Klinkbeil

The fact that it was delivered ocean-side doesn't change that I still don't like sushi, but it was a surefire bonus to the sunburn I also left with that day.

4. The movie theaters aren't packed.

Captain Marvel would have been good in any theater, but this beautiful one nestled between the beach and downtown was awesome. On a Sunday night, the theater was at 6% percent capacity. I'm not ashamed to say I laid across two seats while eating my nachos. It was wonderful.

5. The locals will be surprised to see you.

"College students? Here? Alright, but don't be too loud. Also, you can try staying out past 8 pm, but everything will be closed. Good luck!"

6. The mom & pop restaurants are the bomb.

For me, nothing beats homemade Italian food. So when I'm out of town, it's my mission to locate the nearest family-owned Italian restaurant for some soul food. I'm still always on the search, but St. Augustine Beach had a few promising candidates. You can't beat homemade ravioli and a cannoli. You just can't.

7. It doesn't get as hot as beaches further south would.

Granted, for a freezer baby like me, 70 degrees is sweater weather. But to all my warm-blooded people out there, I've got a beach for you.

8. It has beautiful state parks.

Tayler Klinkbeil

Hiking is not my thing, but when a scenic walk through the woods takes me to a miniature shore on the inlet, I'm there. The photo above was taken at the River to Sea Trail Preserve in Marineland. The estuary itself was magnificent, and not a single spider appeared on the walk back to the car.

9. The historic district offers unique shopping experiences.

Tayler Klinkbeil

Next to the museums, Flagler College, and Starbucks, rows and rows of tiny little boutiques line the cobblestone streets. From perfumes to antique jewelry to leather to popcorn, this permanent eclectic display is a perfect walking tour before or after dinner on a cool Florida evening.

10. Dolphin Adventure. Need I say more?

Although I haven't had the chance to visit, who doesn't want to see dolphins chasing each other beside the Intercoastal? I mean, come on.

11. Dogs walk by on the beach.

That may not be unique to St. Augustine, but still. Sun + puppies = happiness.

12. It offers a handful of different food tours.

From wine to chocolate to cheese, you'll find one to love.

13. The hotels here get the overage from Daytona Beach, so it's basically Daytona 2.0.

It wasn't a big deal for me, but in case you didn't want to be left out on all the fun.

14. Rita's Italian Ice (but I'm more of a custard girl myself).

The Rita's that I used to frequent in Orlando shut down many years ago. I've been on a crusade for custard ever since. Fortunately for me, St. Augustine delivered (and in walking distance of the hotel too).

15. The Fountain of Youth is only a couple of miles away.

Tayler Klinkbeil

Okay, I'm a sucker for all things historical, museum-like, or eerily fascinating. Over the several trips I've taken here in the past, I've visited the Castillo de San Marcos Monument, the Pirates Museum, the Old School, the Old Jail, the Old General Store, and I've done the Ghost Tour. This trip, I learned I had never done Fort Matanzas, and so that was probably the highlight (besides the shining sunburn on my shoulder blades). I thought up all these things with a traditional Spring Breaker's goals in mind, but in all honesty, I adore that this town is an intersection of historical tourism and Florida beach town.

So if next year you're looking for a traditional beach getaway, and this place is set apart from Clearwater, Daytona, Sarasota and the like by a couple of decimal places, book St. Augustine. You may find nooks and crannies in the guide map that I missed. I know that everyone goes on vacation for different reasons, whether they are to relax, explore, or learn, but I have a sneaking suspicion that St. Augustine can fulfill all of them (should you give it a chance) next Spring Break.

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