What Life On South Campus Is Really Like At Syracuse

As a transfer student, I got put into an apartment on South Campus for the spring semester. I live in a two bedroom apartment with my roommate. I actually like living on South and here are some reasons why:

I get my own room. As someone who has always had their own room, I am glad I got to continue that in college. I know there's an experience living in a dorm and sharing a room with another student, but I like my privacy. That is a college experience I can live without.

I only have to share a bathroom with one other female. Let's be honest, female bathrooms can get just as bad as the men's. I am glad I only have to share the bathroom with just my roommate because we keep it clean and it seems as if the bathroom is always available when we need it, with that meaning we are never in each other's way.

A kitchen. Okay so I don't cook that often, but it is nice that the option to cook is there. When I do cook, its usually on the weekends when I don't feel like going to the dining halls on campus. Also, a meal plan is not required so you can cook your meal all the time if you wanted to.

The Goldstein Center. This place has it all, it really is one of the best things about being on South Campus. It has a food court, a computer lab, a fitness center, a mini market, a laundry, and a study area. The best part is, it usually never packed so a great place to go to if you ever need anything really.

The Tennity Ice Pavilion. If you don't like ice skating as much as I do well then this won't be a big deal for you. I like to ice skate in my free time so I try going as much as and it is so close by.

I know what you're thinking... What about the bus right? Yes, it CAN be annoying, but not all the time. The trick to getting a seat in the bus is timing it right, for example, if you have a 9:30 am class get on the 9:00 am bus because most likely everyone else will be trying to get on the 9:11 or 9:19 a.m. bus. Always leave around 30-45 min ahead of when you need to be on campus and you'll be good. As for returning back to South, that's when the bus gets packed. I learned to wait at the bus stop in front of Watson so that I can get a seat because, by the time we pick up the students from the College Place stop, the seat is filled up.

So with that being said, South Campus is really not bad. I have enjoyed it so far but I do want the dorm experience so as of next semester I will be living on campus. I feel like I'm going to regret making that decision but I hope for the best.

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