37 Tracks To Unleash Your Inner Beychella For Every Mood
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37 Tracks To Unleash Your Inner Beychella For Every Mood

Beyoncé's Coachella performance snatched edges for years to come; now here's how you can slay, too.

37 Tracks To Unleash Your Inner Beychella For Every Mood
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The other day my best friend and I were studying and she was our DJ for the night and the theme was Beyoncé. Her lyrics each share a message whether it is to forget that ex who hurt you or just simply celebrating the strength of women.

So In honor of her iconic Beychella performance, I thought it was only right to make a list of Beyoncé songs to satisfy ALLL of your moods. With the help of my bestie, we were able to categorize 37 Beyoncé tracks in these four categories: A Time of Reflection, Boss Up, Sensual Loving, and Beloved. Below I describe each category and my general interpretation of the song so that you see why it was placed in a certain category over another.

Let's hop right into it.

A Time of Reflection:

This category is for those nights you need to fall deep into your thoughts. The moments where you need to pause and think about a situation going on in your life or if you just wanna fall deep into your feelings (sometimes a good cry session is needed). All and all, these tracks will get your mental juices flowing.

1. "Yes"

This song is about a guy who seems nice at first and then when he gets comfortable tries to speed things up, but Bey was not having it! Def can say yes to a number, yes to a date, but if sex is no, issa no, period

2. "Me, Myself, and I"

This song is about a womanizing, cheating ole boyfriend that pushes Bey to set better personal boundaries after ending the relationship and gaining a stronger sense of independence and self-reliance. Know your worth!

3. "Best Thing I Never Had"

Ever thought things were good with your significant other until you really stop to think and noticed all the little things that came together to why things ended? Same with this song. Bey looks back at those times and realizes the little things that she never noticed at the time. And she is sooo thankful that things didn't get more serious with this guy to where she would have learned of these things during marriage or something. Bless up.

4. "Irreplaceable"

"To the left, to the left!" This song is just another way of saying "BOY BYE!" Long story short, this guy tried to manipulate and play Bey but what he fails to realize is that she’s irreplaceable and he’s just another disposable guy who can get replaced on site.

5. "Listen"

In the movie "Dreamgirls," Beyoncé plays Deena Jones, and she sings this song to her husband/manager Curtis Taylor letting him know that if he keeps screwing up, then she's leaving.

6. "Kitty Kat"

This bop gets straight to the point: her boo isn't treating her right or giving enough attention to the relationship, so out the door you go!

7. "Pray You Catch Me"

This track is the first of the "Lemonade" album that really dives into the broken marriage of Bey and Jay-Z. It is about the distrust that she has with her partner because she knows that he is cheating and wishes he would notice her suspicion before she falls completely out of love.

8. "Girl"

This song is a cry for the ladies who are in abusive relationships to get out. You deserve better, ~queens~

9. "Pretty Hurts"

This song has a focus on society's impossible standard of beauty. Many of us, aware or subconsciously, try to meet the narrow-minded idea of “perfection” when beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

Boss Up:

This category is pretty self-explanatory: Boss Up! These tracks will make you feel like a boss! You're in charge, you're popping, and no you can bring you down because you woke up like this!

10. "Flawless (Remix)"

You're flawless, it doesn't take much for you to look good and glow. You have every right to be feeling yourself!

11. "Schoolin' Life"

This song is about growing up and living life or better yet adulting. Finessing life because you can and you don't need a degree to prove your skill.

12. "Diva"

Being a diva isn't always a bad thing and this track proves that by empowering all divas as women who just like to hustle and handle their business.

13. "Upgrade U"

The title is pretty self-explanatory, you are all that. You being a part a someone's life is an upgrade in itself! You are literally gold, boo!

14. "Freakum Dress"

Everyone had that one fit that makes them feel extra sexy and extra bad, and it grabs all the attention in the room! If you need a little pick me up, pull out your "freakum dress."

15. "Get Me Bodied"

This song will make you want to dance! It's fun, it's upbeat and simply meant for you to let loose.

16. "Run The World (Girls)"

If there was an anthem for feminism, I'd suggest this song as my top choice! Of course, women don't run the world literally...or maybe we do ;D

17. "Grown Woman"

She grown. You grown. I'm grown. She, We, Them groooown *insert Wumbology gif from Spongebob*. But all jokes aside, this track embodies the essence of being a woman, handling business, and doing what you want when you want.

18. "6 Inch"

This song is the anthem for hard-working women to stay on their grind and keep making their money. Heels mean business.

19. "Independent Women Pt. 1"

"I'm a strong independent woman that don't need no man!" Ha, this track is saying how the group doesn't need a man to buy them stuff because they can buy and rock anything they want. But it works both ways, a woman doesn't have to depend on a man and vice versa.

20. "Survivor"

You are just a survivor but you thrive and are succeeding in life. There's so much that goes on in the world but each day we survivor our day-to-day challenges.

Sensual Loving:

These songs are super sexy, like super duper sexy. It'll make you ready to show your appreciation for your man in every way possible (even if you're a part of the single squad).

21. "Partition"

Just listen to the song. It's pretty simple — a quickie in the back of the car. Guess Bey said her man was looking TOO good that night.

22. "Dance For You"

Bey said it best herself: This song is about "giving yourself fully to one person, it’s about being able to lose control with the person you’re meant for." And after reviewing the lyrics, I wholeheartedly agree.

23. "Drunk In Love"

This song has two levels: That feeling of being so deep in love, feeling drunk in it because you're so in love and literally being drunk with your significant other. A play on words done well.

24. "Naughty Girl"

She's feeling naughty — and not the type of naughty Santa Clause checks on his list if ya know what I mean.

25. "Blow"

This song oozes sensuality to the max. Just give it a listen.

26. "Rocket"

The wordplay with 'rock' and 'rocket' here serves its purpose in this very sensual, sexy song.

27. "Yoncé

This is the first part of "Partition." It's clear that Bey is feeling herself and knows she is who men want and who women wish to be.

28. "Video Phone"

This track is about a guy that's turning Bey on. And she's willing to let him record their shenanigans.


You are so in love. Maybe so in love that it's dangerous or has you going crazy. These songs will stir your inner Beyoncé out and have you singing to the rooftops whether you have the vocals or not. These are the songs you listen to when you just want to fall deep into the beauty of true love.

29. "1 + 1"

No matter what is going on in life, Bey has someone who loves her deeply just as much as she does and that's all that matters.

30. "Be With You"

This song lists all the reasons why you would want to be with the love of your life and it's a beautiful song.

31. "Crazy In Love"

This song literally embodies the description of this category. Everything about this significant other just drives you crazy because you are so in love.

32. "Halo"

The vocals in this song touch the soul. It's about having those walls and trust issues from past hurts and testing this potential partner if they are the real deal, and realizing that they have no hidden motives but to simply love you.

33. "All Night"

This track is about someone that's experienced deep pain and disappointment yet was able to come out the other side determined to keep going.

34. "Dangerously In Love"

This is another track about a love obsession a lot like "Crazy in Love."

35. "Love On Top"

This is another song with some killer vocals about finally getting the respect she deserves and having someone she can call whenever

36. "The Closer I Get To You"

This is about that person you realize is important and special to you the closer you get to them. With time, love grows deeper and deeper.

37. "End Of Time"

The lyrics are simple: I will love you til the end of time. And that's that. Love so deep that won't end till death do you part or until the world ends. A song about everlasting love.

And with that concludes my list. Be great and be blessed~

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