Somethings To Remember As An Incoming Freshman

College is quite the ride. You meet so many new people, try new things you have never tried before, and you change as a person.

I know at the beginning of my freshman year, I was so scared and didn’t know what to expect. I was scared I wouldn’t make any friends, but in fact, I made a bunch of new friends; I went through recruitment and met people that way, and I joined a sorority and another organization.

College has so much to offer but some of the things I have learned in college, I learned the hard way. I’m here to share some of those with you.

One of the first things I have learned is that to be successful in college, you have to actually want to be. You really need to learn to motivate yourself to get things done. You are the only one in charge of getting things done and you need to want to get it done.

It is so hard when there are so many things to do. It was hard to realize that. I didn’t even realize that you really needed to be motivated until the beginning of my second semester. It is very hard, but it is possible.

Another thing that I learned is that everyone is different. In all honesty, I knew people thought differently but I live in an area where everyone has a similar mindset. In college, you meet people who could disagree with you in every way and that is just apart of life. It is something that you learn to accept.

You could be a hardcore Democrat and your neighbor could be a strong Republican! It's honestly so crazy. You learn to tolerate it, though.

One thing that no one really talks about is transferring. It is okay if you don’t like where you chose to go. You can leave; you are not stuck. If you want to leave, it is perfectly okay.

A lot of people transfer their first year. Some people even leave after the first semester. College is stressful, and you might realize later, where you fit better.

Listening to you and doing what is better for you should be prioritized. Every choice you make should be for you and no one else. Do not make plans that revolve around other people's plans.

College is meant to change you into who you are meant to be. Don’t let anyone or anything get in the middle of that.

Last thing I will talk about is living college life to the fullest. Want to join a sorority or fraternity? Go through recruitment and find your home. I am a freshman this year and it has gone by so fast.

I remember the day before move-in day so clearly. Now, there are only two months left of school, and I honestly can’t wait until school starts back up. I'll meet even more people and make my friendships stronger.

So, just live in the moment while in college. They say the college days are the best ones yet, and I believe it.

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