In This Day And Age, Women Still Aren't Respected, It's Been Time For A Long Time That We Change That

In This Day And Age, Women Still Aren't Respected, It's Been Time For A Long Time That We Change That

It's been time for a long that we show women the respect they deserve. #TimesUp #SetTheExpectation


We can be clear on two things: First, women still aren't getting the respect they deserve to have, and it's been time (for a long time) that we change this narrative.

The U.S. president's supreme court nomination (Brett Kavanaugh) has been under fire about sexual assault allegations from when he was in high school by three different women. Dr. Christine Blasey Ford has testified and I'm proud of her for stepping up to the plate. Kavanaugh also has testified and has been in denial about any kind of sexual contact with all three of them.

Regardless of whether or not Brett Kavanaugh committed this act, we are better off believing the claims made by the women, rather than telling them that the accused person could never do that, or that they shouldn't report things like this. It's wrong to immediately dismiss such claims or push them off to the side and enable this kind of behavior.

The problem that clearly exists is this: with certain people in power, these women are powerless to speak up when they have been sexually assaulted in the past. When they do come out with their story though, whether the allegation is denied by the accused, admitted, or deflected all together, accusers feel threatened after coming forward, and others who have been through such experiences but haven't come forward yet submit to that fear and don't come forward.

You know it's a problem, especially since the commander-in-chief thinks he can get away with as much [bleep] as he wants, such as this; furthermore, there are so many soundbites out there of him being disrespectful to women, whether it's muttering them under his breath (inexplicably, those right by him smiled as he said what he said), or saying them out loud ([coughs, as well as over social media]). You also know it's a problem when survivors like Brenda Tracy are being told that they're "terrible human beings."

When Mollie Tibbetts' life was taken too soon, it's because she turned down a man's desires to make advances on her. Her feelings weren't respected and it makes women feel like they can't say 'no'. They should never be afraid to say 'no', but they are afraid of it because of situations like this that took the life of a woman who had a bright future to come. Instead, people were mourning her death because of something that could have easily been avoided.

When the situation between Courtney Smith and former Ohio State assistant football coach Zach Smith came to light, it was handled in a less than satisfactory way. When Zach Smith was working at Florida, one of the football staff members at the University of Florida discouraged Courtney from pursuing charges, because Zach's career was apparently more important than Courtney's dignity.

Instances like these are EXACTLY why women fear coming forward about past abuses they've dealt with, and why they don't feel like they are believed. It's time that we believe them because we will be better off if we do.

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Women are still called sluts and body-shamed to this day for what they wear, regardless of the occasion.

Women are basically told that 'they asked for it' when asked about what they wore if they were sexually assaulted.

Women are still inappropriately touched by strangers when they're out with friends or told to 'smile more' when they're working at restaurants as servers.

Women are called 'gold-diggers' and 'attention-seekers'. But, just because you report something that has happened to you doesn't mean you're seeking attention, nor does it necessarily mean you're trying to get money from someone.

Women are still told that their bodies and looks are more important than their brains.

Women are still told that 'he would never do that to you." But he did it.

Women are still told that their voices aren't important.

Women who have come forward about being sexually assaulted are still called 'liars'. Because of this,...

Women still feel like they're powerless.

Until this stops, the problem that women still aren't respected will continue to exist.

None of this is the woman's fault. Rather, it's the fault of those in positions of power who deem that it's okay to be disrespectful, abusive, neglectful, manipulative, dishonest, deflective, in denial, or to silence women from letting the truth come out. Hush-money doesn't change the fact that they did something wrong. Denial and deflection only go so far. Those in positions of power will very seldom understand the negative impact of their words and actions.

Let me tell you this: If you didn't have a brain, you wouldn't be alive. Your brain IS important. Let's use our BRAINS to think, to think about what we can do to be part of the solution rather than the problem. #SetTheExpectation

You shouldn't tell a woman that her brain is less important than her body, and you definitely shouldn't discourage her from reporting a sexual assault case. Women still aren't getting the respect they deserve to have, and it's been time for a long time that we change this narrative.



Let's #SetTheExpectation

What does it take to respect the women in our world? Apparently, it takes years of abuse, disrespect, neglect, manipulation, and silencing. The last, I checked, none of those behaviors are respectful in any way.

Before you attack me for making this political or calling me a 'leftist', or anything of that kind, let me tell you that this is not a political matter at all. This is a human matter. A moral matter.

Yes, you ARE innocent until proven guilty, and Kavanaugh hasn't yet been found guilty, but at the same time, we must believe all the stories that are testified both through the media and under oath, until they are concluded to be true or indeterminable, and continue to believe all victims even after the verdict comes out. We CAN do both of these things while showing women the respect that they deserve. It's time that we do.



Let's #SetTheExpectation

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An Open Letter to the Person Who Still Uses the "R Word"

Your negative associations are slowly poisoning the true meaning of an incredibly beautiful, exclusive word.

What do you mean you didn't “mean it like that?" You said it.

People don't say things just for the hell of it. It has one definition. Merriam-Webster defines it as, "To be less advanced in mental, physical or social development than is usual for one's age."

So, when you were “retarded drunk" this past weekend, as you claim, were you diagnosed with a physical or mental disability?

When you called your friend “retarded," did you realize that you were actually falsely labeling them as handicapped?

Don't correct yourself with words like “stupid," “dumb," or “ignorant." when I call you out. Sharpen your vocabulary a little more and broaden your horizons, because I promise you that if people with disabilities could banish that word forever, they would.

Especially when people associate it with drunks, bad decisions, idiotic statements, their enemies and other meaningless issues. Oh trust me, they are way more than that.

I'm not quite sure if you have had your eyes opened as to what a disabled person is capable of, but let me go ahead and lay it out there for you. My best friend has Down Syndrome, and when I tell people that their initial reaction is, “Oh that is so nice of you! You are so selfless to hang out with her."

Well, thanks for the compliment, but she is a person. A living, breathing, normal girl who has feelings, friends, thousands of abilities, knowledge, and compassion out the wazoo.

She listens better than anyone I know, she gets more excited to see me than anyone I know, and she works harder at her hobbies, school, work, and sports than anyone I know. She attends a private school, is a member of the swim team, has won multiple events in the Special Olympics, is in the school choir, and could quite possibly be the most popular girl at her school!

So yes, I would love to take your compliment, but please realize that most people who are labeled as “disabled" are actually more “able" than normal people. I hang out with her because she is one of the people who has so effortlessly taught me simplicity, gratitude, strength, faith, passion, love, genuine happiness and so much more.

Speaking for the people who cannot defend themselves: choose a new word.

The trend has gone out of style, just like smoking cigarettes or not wearing your seat belt. It is poisonous, it is ignorant, and it is low class.

As I explained above, most people with disabilities are actually more capable than a normal human because of their advantageous ways of making peoples' days and unknowingly changing lives. Hang out with a handicapped person, even if it is just for a day. I can one hundred percent guarantee you will bite your tongue next time you go to use the term out of context.

Hopefully you at least think of my friend, who in my book is a hero, a champion and an overcomer. Don't use the “R Word". You are way too good for that. Stand up and correct someone today.

Cover Image Credit: Kaitlin Murray

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She's The Girl About To Speak Up, And She'll Make The World A Better Place

She is a girl with opinions that differ from the people around her, a girl with an open-mind stuck in a closed-minded society.


She is not a feminist killjoy. She is not some radical liberal. She is a girl with opinions that differ from the people around her, a girl with an open-mind stuck in a closed-minded society.

Most importantly, she is a girl who speaks her mind.

To begin, my input on our next living location was never taken into consideration since I was only ten and my dad thought it would be a great idea to move back to Tennessee. Now, this does not sound so bad. However, I had been living in Spain for the past four years and never experienced the amount of bigotry I did once I was living in Tennessee. I ended up not being apart of the so-called "popular" crowd since I was not one of the girls who would zip her lips and look pretty to impress boys.

I never realized how cruel people could be until they turned my outspokenness into something laughable by making a joke out of everything I said. Such as a fellow peer calling me anonymously on the phone and stating, "So, I heard you like killing babies," and then proceeded to make cruel jokes about my opinion on abortion.

On that note, to the girls that speak their mind,

the best way to handle people who do not feel the need to give you common courtesy is to focus on your goals, to remember why you continue to speak your mind, and to forgive the people. Throughout life, you may experience people chasing you with Trump signs or people outcasting you because being outspoken is viewed as a weakness. However, you were made to be difficult to forget and not easy for the mind to follow so you can make a difference in life.

It is rare to be made to be difficult to forget and not easy for the mind to follow because many people are unaware of how much power they have behind the works they speak and the actions they take. Each word you speak affects someone differently and can cause a ripple effect that leads to more listeners and more people that will help make a difference.

So, girls keep speaking your mind.

People are going to tell you that you talk too much, that any claims you make are rubbish because you are a woman and women do not know what they are talking about. Do not listen to them. Do not give react to them. Instead, continue to provide them with the facts that back up your claim. You do need to provide them with common courtesy, despite the radical idea that women have no idea what they are talking about because you never know how their words will affect your thoughts.

While you should oppose the outright expression of bigotry, you also need to consider your actions. For instance, I was chased with a Trump yard sign around "Celebrate Munford" because of the mere fact that I expressed how I disliked President Trump declared approach to the border crisis, tax cuts, and women's rights. Now, instead of giving the person chasing me with the sign a big reaction like they wanted, I ignored them, and it stopped. If I had given them a big reaction, my opinions would have been invalidated and turned into something laughable. Since I did not react, I refuted his claims because his actions showed that his true intentions were to shame me, rather than wanting to make a difference.

Silence can be much more powerful depending on how you use it.

To the girls that speak their mind, I want you to remember a quote by Laurel Thatcher Ulrich:

Well-behaved women seldom make history.

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