Picture this. You're sitting in your college apartment and you look down at your phone. You have a notification from your university, and it's nothing in regards to homework or a test. You look up at all of your roommates and instantly jump up and high five each other. CLASSES ARE CANCELLED TOMORROW. It's music to your ears because you have no responsibilities for the next 24 hours. There are many perks a college student has on a snow day, and all of them are equally as great.

The most obvious reason is that you get to sleep in. As college students, we are often sleep deprived, but on snow days we are lucky enough to catch up on some sleep.

One of the more interesting things to consider during a college snow day is how different it is from how high school snow days were. For starters, in college, you don't have to make up snow days. That's right, you heard correctly. You don't have to worry about your summer being shortened like you did in high school. Also, snow days in high school were considerably boring because nine times out of ten the roads were too bad to hang out with any of your friends. In college, most of your friends live just a few streets away, making it super easy to spend the day with them.

And let's not forget the best part of snow days for college students...THE DAGE. It's a term that means day-drink, that most use during the spring and fall when the weather is nice. But, when snow falls, and classes are cancelled nothing stops us from cracking open a natty. The cold weather and blizzard-like conditions certainly do not stop us partiers from getting our drink on.

There's just something about the snow that makes drinking 10x more fun! So, the next time you have classes cancelled, grab a Natty, walk down the street and grab your best friend!