Smith's Favorite Professors According to Smithies
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Smith's Favorite Professors According to Smithies

This is why Smithies love their classes.

Smith's Favorite Professors According to Smithies

Smith is an amazing place to get an education. Not all the professors are gems when it comes to teaching style, but most of them truly are. I have yet to take a class with a professor who hasn't challenged me and helped me grow. I've always left Smith classes being interested in whatever subject I learned. It's a gift.

When I asked Smithies to tell me about their favorite professors, they had a difficult time. This list is in no particular order and is definitely not comprehensive. However, it will give you an insider's look about why Smithies love their classes. (And why we are more likely to be studying Friday nights).

1. Eitan Mendelowitz - Computer Science

Mendelowitz is helpful and approachable. Simply put, he makes CS more enjoyable because he is really sweet and has a clear teaching style.

2. Doreen Weinberger - Physics

Weinberger is extremely passionate about her subject and it shows in her teaching. She is one of the most helpful professors at Smith because she is always available. She gives us office hours during the weekend and stays on campus until 6 p.m. just to be there for her students. Take physics with her!

3. Ann Leone - French

Leone understands that your life can affect your academic performance. She also has a special way of immersing her students in French culture by only speaking to them in French and always making them use the language. It's intimidating at first, but the method truly works out in the end.

4. Joseph Yeager - Chemistry

Yeager was my instructor for Chem 118 and Chem 222. He does not give up until you understand something without making you feel like an idiot. He is a tough grader, but it's not a bad thing because you can still progress in the class. Also, when you improve, you have a really great sense of accomplishments.

5. Cristina Suarez - Chemistry

Analytic chemistry professor Suarez is really cool. Her students feel very comfortable asking her questions and she's also always telling jokes. On a day that should have been Mountain Day, she let everyone out early because she was mad it wasn't Mountain Day. If that doesn't say something about her character, I don't know what will.

6. James Miller - Economics

Miller is a unique professor. Some students love him and some hate his guts. He always brings in real life examples to class discussion. Best of all, he is always entertaining; one class, he brought in detergent and pretended to host an auction for it to teach the concept of demand.

7. David Smith - Biology

Smith is a great professor for biodiversity, ecology and conservation. He’s fun and laid-back. One of the most interesting class moments was when he brought in live crabs for a demonstration.

8. Marguerite Harrison - Portuguese

Harrison is one of the many amazing professors of the Portuguese department. At the beginning of the semester, she invited all students to her office to get to know them better and she brings Brazilian snacks to class. At the end of the year, she hosted a dinner party where she cooked everyone a traditional Brazilian dinner.

9. Kate Queeney - Chemistry

Queeney cares enough to remember the names of all the students in an overflowing lecture hall. Rather than lecture at her students, she tries her best to make sure everyone understands the topics being taught. She encourages her students to ask “why” rather than memorize chemical formulas and the periodic table.

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