Your Slightly Slutty But Typical Halloween Costume Based On Your Major

"In the real world, Halloween is when kids dress up in costumes and beg for candy. In Girl World, Halloween is the one day a year when a girl can dress up like a total slut and no other girls can say anything else about it."

You realize how true this statement is when you enter college. You're ready to embrace this Halloween weekend and you already have your Instagram captions planned... but you still have a bunch of costume ideas on your Pinterest board and not a whole lot of time or motivation to get it done. Here's what hot outfit you would be stumbling from frat house to frat house in according to your major.

1. Business - Risky Business

Title aside, business majors already have a billion button up shirts in their wardrobe, so this was an easy fix AND you don't have to wear pants. Win-win.

2. Nursing - Mermaids

We'll let you pretend for one night that you aren't drowning in anatomy homework and labs. Because tonight I'm not "a sexy nurse" I'M ARIEL DAMMIT.

3. Communications - Any Kind Of Animal

Because black is slimming and you have been counting down the days until you can wear fishnets in public. Are you a cat or a mouse? You don't even know, but you don't really care.

4. Religious Studies - Nun

Everyone needs a night of sin, right? Forgive me.

5. Education - Angel/Devil

Because for some reason, every education major you know has the warmest soul ever or is completely wild to the point where you wonder how they're going to teach children someday.

6. Biology - Galaxy Girl/Alien

Despite the endless amount of labs and homework they have to do, bio majors somehow always look well put together. It's like you can't even tell that they did an all-nighter the day before; the galaxy costume is just as flashy as they are during the day while the rest of us are wearing the same pair of sweats for two days in a row.

7. Psychology - Decades

Almost every psych major has taken a liking to history, so they know their shit about the fashion of the times. And they know their way around a thrift store, so putting their costume together was super easy.

8. Criminal Justice - Prisoner

I bet you and all of your friends in your criminology class thought this was soooo ironic and hilarious.

9. Linguistics - Disney Themed Costumes

You seem to share a secret bond with one another, and what better way to show it than dress up as the duo from the movie you watched together in a foreign language?

10. Music - Togas

"People in college that don't have to spend their life in the practice room wrap sheets around themselves, right? Right."

11. English Lit - Boxers

You like to keep things as simple as possible while still attempting to turn heads. A robe and a sports bra? PERFECT.

12. Political Science - Rock Band Costumes

Capitol Hill who?? Tonight you're selling out arenas and trying to keep your makeup on your face the whole night.

13. Computer Science - Schoolgirls

You're looking for an excuse to wear the really long socks if we're being honest here.

14. Art/ Graphic Design - Pineapple/ Strawberry

"Everyone will think that this is cute as hell and nobody will know that we almost forgot because of our projects." Well. now you remembered and you're ready to blackout.

15. History - A random person covered in blood

I'm not sure if you're supposed to be a zombie, a vampire or someone who just got murdered but you do you boo.

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