Skills Every College Student Should Know Before Graduation
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Student Life

10 Skills Every College Student Needs To Learn Before They Graduate

There is nothing wrong with preparing yourself before leaving to take on the world.


Getting the full college experience is something that every student wants to achieve. However, with the pressure of attending boring or unnecessary classes, panicking over assignments, and finding time to spend with friends, it can get crazy. There is no need to freak out though because help is always there when you need it. After you graduate, the next big step is handling the unpredictable and unknown troubles of society. Here are 10 skills that every college student needs to learn before they graduate.

1. Read books on programming languages

Whether you believe technology is making the world a better place, turning everyone into zombies, causing society to become worried about machines taking over, or a mix of all three, coding is a skill that all college students should have knowledge about. They can either take a class or become self-taught (that's the best option) to have a better understanding of things like creating websites and developing new programs. The tech world is a scary place, and it is only getting more advanced. By learning how to code, students will have obtained a valuable life skill that is going to benefit them later in life.

2. Improve public speaking

Although it may be difficult to admit, we all have experienced the anxiety and fear of speaking in public. The thought of having to give a presentation in front of the class, talk at a conference, or host an event is scary. However, practicing speaking in front of groups of people will help students feel more comfortable when they have to give speak in big lecture halls. Enrolling in a class, having friends listen to the presentation first, or joining a debate club is the key to building confidence.

3. Find out easier ways to manage finances

You might not be at college majoring in finance (I wish you luck if you are), but it's still an important skill to learn. Anything from writing out a check, balancing a budget, and putting away money for the future are things that everyone needs to know. Some advice would be to apply for an MBA (Fast-Track Degree for Non-Business Majors) or just get a book from the library about finances. This will prepare you for all those horror stories about the struggle involved with saving money.

4. Teach yourself about car repair and maintenance

Unless you live on campus, there will be many students that will be commuting to their university. All college students should keep their car in good and working condition if they want to get around without having to wait for a bus or call an Uber. Checking windshield wiper fluid, oil, and tire pressure are just some of the things to know. Reading about car repairs, asking a friend, or taking a BOCES class are some good suggestions for achieving this life skill.

5. Work in a team or club

College students cannot do everything on their own. When working at an internship, job, or even a class project at some point, you will be asked to communicate as a team to complete the necessary task. While in school, there are a few ways to build teamwork skills. Joining some clubs that interest you, becoming a TA for a class, or volunteering at a community service event are great ways to excel at activities that require full cooperation.

6. Write professional emails and memos

College students should know how to write spreadsheets, cover letters, and how to update their resumes. Practicing with Microsoft software programs like Word and Excel will help to develop these skills. They can further improve their writing skills by sending emails, writing for the school newspaper, or giving their opinion on a product or service. Learning writing skills will help students as they continue moving forward in their careers.

7. Research marketing strategies

It would be wise for college students to take a marketing class even if they are not a business major. In life, the career that students choose will involve selling something to the public. It will either be a physical product, service, or the knowledge and skills they received to benefit society and help others. Students will be able to use their expertise in their major to solve problems, connect with others, and change the world.

8. Practice using graphic design software

In order to promote events on campus or let people know about a cause that you want others to support, learning how to make brochures, flyers, and posters using Adobe software is key. Learning about how to do graphic design is a fun and challenging way to enhance creativity, make something exciting, and promote activities. There are many programs available on computers for free download or a 30-day trail. With this skill you can send your message across to people a lot quicker.

9. Register for medical training workshops

For those who want a career as a doctor, nurse, or anything involving a hospital, then this is a skill that you have to learn. However, every college student should need to have basic first aid, CPR, and emergency medical training in case of an emergency. The great thing is that universities have workshops to teach you these methods. By knowing these skills and reacting fast enough, you can save a life.

10. Learn about investing money

This is a necessary skill to learn about in college. Students need to be aware early in life about managing and investing their money the right way. This is needed for saving money for retirement and gaining many benefits if done correctly. Students will develop spending habits and possibly generate wealth over time.

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