Being A Big Sister Has Made Me A Better Person
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Being A Big Sister Has Made Me A Better Person

Built in best friend.

Being A Big Sister Has Made Me A Better Person

February 20, 2003 my world changed for the better.

I remember the day my parents told me I was going to be a big sister. Okay … not really but I remember when Jack was born and I never felt an ounce of jealousy. People say it's a normal feeling to have when you become a sibling, but I was BEYOND excited. I didn't really understand that he wasn't my doll, dressing him up and holding him were my two favorite activities. He was my little sidekick and was always ready for the next adventure.

Riding bikes, playing pretend doctor, watching Disney movies - he always did what I wanted to do. The day we discovered the magic of putting a sprinkler under the trampoline was a day that WILL go down in history. His imagination was endless and he's my biggest inspiration when it comes to creativity.

I will admit … He is the smart one.

The day we realized he was taller than me, everything changed. It sort of felt like I was a little sister in a way. He got more protective and our bond grew tighter. I was in my high school days and he saw straight through my bull shit. I had some rough times but he was always there with the best advice, I swear he's like 40 sometimes.

Our family had some curve balls thrown to us, and I'm sure I will talk about that at some point, but I was always envious on how Jack carried himself so well. A lot of people don't realize that he was young while going through a lot of things that no one should ever have to deal with. Certain people labeled him as the "bad kid" or someone who would always cause trouble. But what I know is, my brother has the BIGGEST heart out of anyone I know. That boy used to feel bad if he squashed a bug. I instantly wanted to protect him from the world, and I still carry that feeling but I've learned how to back off and not be so "intense" as he says sometimes.

Jack is the smartest person I know, and he gets that from our mom. Do you know how hard it is to admit that he's smarter than me? Kidding, sort of. He used to solve my Calculus homework when he was in sixth grade … I mean come on. If I ever need any thing, he is the person I run to first. He always knows what to say even if I don't want to hear it. I am immensely proud of him and he is still so young with much to accomplish.

He makes being a sister easy.

I hope he learns from my mistakes. I have always tried to be the best role model to him but I know at times I've failed. Some of my old friends (hence old) used to think it was odd how close Jack and I are. I wouldn't change it for the world. I am a better person because I'm his older sister. My mom said he is the person that I will have known the longest and that could not be closer to the truth.

My extended family is split and not really apart of our lives, and I think that's pushed us even closer. To see how our lives would be without each other, and it's a no for me. Jack will be the best dad and uncle (hopefully) one day, and I can't wait to have crazy family holidays & over the top birthdays.

I am so proud of you bub, you set the best example for people and I want you to know how important you are. You will forever be my best friend (sorry you can't get rid of me). Thank you for making being a big sister easy.

I love you lots.

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