Why The Single Years Are The Best Years of Your Life

As I scroll through Facebook, all I see is engagement pictures and baby pictures. It is obvious to me that as we get older some people are moving forward with life quicker than others. Seeing these life-changing experiences happen to the people around me makes me question if I should be trying harder to settle down right now. Then I remember that right now I could drop everything and go discover a new city in this world. Right now, I can buy as many pets and buy as many clothes as I want to without having to someone else to think about when I look at my expenses.

As I look around and see so many happy couples, there is no doubt in my mind that if a good relationship was put in front of me I would take it in seconds. We all want a happily ever after. I am just done searching for it. So many of us take these single years for granted. These years are a blessing in disguise. We get to live our lives with no strings attached. We are given time to be selfish with no now one to worry about but ourselves and our own decisions. So I am choosing to take advantage of this time and the endless amount of opportunities out there. I will not sit back and spend these days sad and lonely. I may not have a fiancé or a child but I have an endless opportunities open to me in this world. I may be single, but I am not lonely.

Everyone takes a different path in life, I guess early engagement or having kids early was not the path set out for me. So I choose to focus on a career and to focus on spending time being adventurous in this amazing world. I choose to live my life to the fullest instead of sitting at home in despair thinking about being single. I will not let being single become a barricade in my life, life is an open road I will choose to fill with many opportunities and experiences.

It is typical in today’s society to frown upon early pregnancy and early engagements. Although I am not one to look down upon those things, I know see why people stand for pregnancy and marriage being done later life. You miss out on so many opportunities. You cannot drop your family or fiancé to go on a spur of the moment trip. You can not only think about yourself when dealing with expenses and time management. I want discover things I have never seen, and try things I have never done. So although I am longing for my prince charming, he can wait.

I will trade meeting my future husband a few years late for exploring the world and discovering opportunities. I will hold off on children so I can spend time discovering who I am and truly finding my dream career path with trial and error. Don’t get me wrong, having a husband and children is also a dream of mine but a few years of being able to selfishly travel and spend money are worth the wait.

I am still in the years of making mistakes to find out who I am. I am still using trial and error to learn life lessons. I learn by consequences, what not to do in the future. Some people my age may be out of this stage and be ready to move on with their lives but I am not. I am still finding out who I want to be in the future and where I want to end up in life. I want to be able to make mistake within these years without another person having to be hurt by my own mistakes and choices. I need to figure out life by myself before I can start figuring it out with someone else.

This is a promise to myself to discover the amazing world out there and everything it was to offer before I decide to settle down. A promise to never feel lonely or feel the need to be in a relationship again because these years are truly a blessing in disguise. I know my fairytale will have a happily ever after, the difference between me and the other’s is I am going to have some adventure before I get my happy ending.

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