28 Signs You Might Be An Ambivert
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28 Signs You're Actually An Ambivert

As told by a true introverted extrovert.

28 Signs You're Actually An Ambivert
Arielle Lewis

I know what you're wondering when you read the title. What the hell is an ambivert? Well, most people believe that there's only two types of personalities, which are introverted and extroverted personalities. But we never seem to talk about ambiverted personalities, which aren't as rare as you think.

Let me ask you this: do you ever read things about introverts or extroverts and you feel like you have qualities of both? Okay, now we're getting somewhere. In fact, there's a high possibility that you might be an ambivert.

An ambivert is a person whose personality has a balance of extroverted and introverted qualities. Maybe sometimes you want to be social and enjoy hanging out with friends, while other times you enjoy being in the comfort of your own bed and let's say, you enjoy "taking breaks" and you need to recharge.

Sometimes you want to be social and other times you like having your space. Here are some of the 28 signs that you might be an ambivert, and I guarantee you can't deny these because they might be super relatable to your life:

1. You know how to start a conversation, but you're so awkward when it comes to ending it.


You ever just smile uncontrollably and don't know how to end a conversation? You'll sometimes say "okay well it was nice talking to you," but they cut you off and continue the conversation. Yeah. You might as well just run away but you can't stop talking.

2. Some weekends you want to go out and party, other weekends you'd rather stay in bed and watch Netflix.

No, there's no in-between. To balance it out, during the days I stay in bed and watch Netflix, then go out with my friends at night. I'm not a morning or day person, for that matter.

3. You like to hang out with friends, but after a while, you want to go home.


And then you just regret going out and your bed is looking really good as of right now. It gets to that point where you feel like you've socialized enough.

4. Small talk is your worst nightmare, yet you are amazing at deep conversation

Like #1, I can talk for hours on end. I don't know what it is but all of a sudden, things just come up in my head and I say it. And when it comes to deep conversation I am a pro as long as I'm interested enough.

5. Not going out and having major FOMO, but then you do go out and just want to go home.


It sucks because you can never win.

6. You like attention, but at the same time, you don't like being the CENTER of attention.

I don't know how to explain this one, but I hope you fellow ambiverts know what I mean. I like when people give me credit and attention WHEN I want it, but rather than attention where EVERYONE is staring at you and getting an image of you and judging you.

7. You can relate to BOTH introverted and extroverted memes.


That's what an ambivert is…duh! Of course, we can have a little bit of both qualities. You can relate to some and not relate to another.

8. Having a small group of friends that you only hang out with while also being friends with everyone.

Meaning you're good at socializing but those friendships don't really stick. The close group of friends is who you tell all of your business to and they really know you the most.

9. You're always making plans, but then cancel at the last minute


Us ambiverts tend to be really indecisive, believe it or not. We try to make plans with everyone, but when the time comes, Netflix always seems to block your blessings.

10. You have a fear of public speaking, but once you speak, you can't stop talking.

Public speaking is pretty much everyone's worst fear whether you're an introvert or an extrovert. Starting the speech is always hard, but once you're up there and used to it, you start to calm down and finish the speech without an error.

11. You can work just as easily alone as you can work in a group.


Sometimes you need some alone time to focus on how YOU want the project to be done, but you also like working in a group because it's less work and a time to relate with others about how you hate the class. Maybe that's just me, I don't know.

12. You can connect with people who have different personality types.

Whether it's loud, shy, extroverted, introverted, you can blend in with anyone's energy.

13. Everyone comes to you for advice.


Because we always know what to say and we can relate to both personality traits, which allows us to get close to the person. Sounds pretty deep, but it's true.

14. You sometimes force yourself to take charge but then at the same time you tend to stay under the radar.

We can be both followers and leaders, it's great. When we want to step up, we do whatever it takes to make sure everyone is on track, but if we don't want to take charge, we just go with the flow.

15. You seem to have the best conversation with strangers.


Because if we stutter or make a fool out of ourselves, it won't matter because we'll probably never see them again.

16. You feel more confident at parties as long as you know a friend that's going.

You can act a fool as much as you want because your friend is always there to support your craziness.

17. You welcome company over but when it's time for them to go, they got to leave...


We're not too shy when it comes to telling people that they should leave. If you're interrupting my sleeping time, you have to leave.

18. The moment you feel uncomfortable, you become standoffish, intimidated, nervous, and unsure how to balance being extroverted or introverted.

Usually, I just say I have to do something when I can't come up with a good reason. It's just that we need time to think.

19. Dressing cute and presentable for the public, but immediately turning into a slob and a bear in hibernation as soon as you get home.


Bra comes off, pants come off, giant T-Shirt goes on, pizza rolls are in the microwave, and headscarf is on. Usually, when I get into this setting, I don't come out…like until tomorrow. I know it's only 3 PM but I'm drained.

20. When you’re upset, you either want to be surrounded by friends or you just need to be alone.

It's completely normal to have a balance of both.

21. People assume that we are "moody."


It's confusing because sometimes, we can be social and sometimes we just need to recharge and spend some time by ourselves.

22. Some think you're quiet but you're really just observing them.

Just basically seeing how your personality is to see if we can mesh or not, nothing personal.

23. You’re either a “Debbie Downer” or the life of the party.


Like a true ambivert, we either want to be social or alone. If we don't want to be in a situation, we usually just get out of it.

24. You rely on caffeinated drinks to have a lively personality

Especially on a Monday, I can't do it. But usually, I don't need coffee. It just depends on my mood. Are you someone that interests me?

25. Tending to be too extreme on things. You can be either perceived as loud and obnoxious or shy and quiet.


A typical ambivert, there's no in between. We either want to or we don't.

26. You hate being FORCED to socialize when you aren’t ready.

When we don't want to do something, it will show when we are talking to you.

27. Deciding on whether or not you feel like FaceTiming your friends or just texting them.


Especially when you get that "what are you doing text," and you respond with nothing (while watching Netflix) and then you get an incoming FaceTime call. Like you can't just text me? My voice is not presentable right now.

28. No matter where you are or how much fun you’re having, you can’t wait to go hop in your bed.

No matter HOW much fun…sleep is important folks!

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