What does it mean to recognize the importance of voting NOW? Voting, politics, presidents...how little they mattered to me until I was faced with my role in it all. I remember taking a history test about the Constitution in 7th grade and wondering why African-Americans needed to be granted a right that every other person on this planet was given, freely given. I wondered why Woman, a creature that has been here with Man since the beginning of time, had to be given a right that Man could so freely give himself. In those moments, you don't further speculate why we gave so much for something we so little value today, but today we are beginning to ask these questions again.

Many youths in my generation are becoming old enough to practice their right to vote, though let's not forget those who fought for this very same right are still alive today...watching our next move. Whether you want to accept it or not, Donald Trump has become the new face of America. This is a truth that was long overdue for exposure and this country is yearning for a change.

There aren't many thing things that I remember from American history classes I've taken over the years, but I do recall that when sh*t hits the fan, as we are beginning to see nowadays, a revolution usually follows. With a revolution usually comes awareness of what is not working and what we can do to better the circumstances for all of us. To me, I see our revolution beginning now with us recognizing the power of our vote, as people who make the real decisions in this country.

WHO would America be without US?

Nobody. The American government would not have the power to raise taxes or tuition. It would not have the power to dictate who can or cannot reside in our country, it would not have the money to run its armies in our homes or separate our families. It would no longer be America, WE would. Those who dominate, steal and deceive to acquire power will do whatever it takes to maintain power, and they never genuinely have the best interest of the people in mind. It is one thing to complain to your parents and friends about how unfair things are in this country; it is TRUE ACTION to do something to make a change in the systems that limit us as a country.


Don't just say it, do it. None of us believed the outcome of the previous election, and I'm sure many of us would like to see great improvement in our future and leadership. Us standing around talking about voting rights, what this prop means or the politics of that senator will not create homes for those in need or provide support to communities that are impoverished and economically deprived...it will leave us stagnant in our progress. Not only does your vote COUNT, but your vote could also be the vote that determines the power that we hold moving forward, and I hope we're all ready to finally move FORWARD!