8 Reasons Why 'Bones' Is The Best Show To Binge On Hulu
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8 Reasons Why 'Bones' Is The Best Show To Binge On Hulu

For all you crime-mystery lovers like me out there, GO WATCH BONES

8 Reasons Why 'Bones' Is The Best Show To Binge On Hulu

I'm writing this frantically at 12:13 AM after finishing the last episode of the last season of the show Bones on Hulu and let me tell you, it was amazing.

If you need a good show to binge watch and you're into crime shows, Bones has to be the one for you. And here's why:

1. There's so much of it

There are 12 seasons, each about 12-15 episodes long, and each episode is about 45 minutes. What says "binge me" more than that?

2. Bones makes you smarter

Bones is about a group of scientists working in the Jeffersonian Museum who solve murders using anatomy, osteology, anthropology, botany, it pretty much uses every science you can think of to solve a murder. If you're like me, you feel more intelligent for watching the show- which gives you a good excuse to watch just one more episode before letting yourself go to sleep... and then maybe one more after that.

3. It's a Mystery-mance!!!

Like a Romcom, but with mystery and romance instead. Bones isn't just all science, it also weaves in the characters' social lives. The main characters get married, make relationship mistakes, get accused of murder, struggle to reconcile with their pasts, get kidnapped, get buried alive, write novels, fight with their editors, and they even have a favorite diner. It gives the show a more real-life feel!

4. Do it for feminism

The show features an incredibly bright, strong, and dynamic female lead, Dr. Temperance Brennan. This character is super dynamic because throughout the seasons she wrestles with her past in an attempt to find peace and allow herself to let others into her life although she has been burned by family members in the past. She is also a PhD who wrote not one, but several dissertations due to her insatiable thirst for knowledge.

5. It's basically nonfiction

Ok, so nonfiction is a stretch. It is definitely dramatized but the show is based off of the real life of anthropologist Kathy Reichs- a fun fact I will never forget because every episode boasts this at the bottom of the screen in the beginning credits. Just knowing there is someone who leads such a fascinating life and knows so much makes this world just a little more interesting.

6. There's a character for everyone

It's nearly impossible to survive all 12 seasons without falling in love and identifying with one of the characters. There's Agent Booth, the cunning, handsome, charming, ex-sniper, FBI agent; Dr. Suites, the caring, charismatic, and perceptive psychologist; Caroline, the witty, flirtatious DA; Max, the ex-con father who turned his life around; Angela the artist-turned-squint who discovered she has a keen intelligence for lab technology; Dr. Saroyan the beautiful head of the lab who keeps the team on track; Dr. Hodgins the paranoid conspiracy theorist and lab genius aka Bug Boy aka King of the Lab....... honestly, there are too many to name between the interns and the families of the characters. Every character is so dynamic, too. The show is really good about giving you a peek (if not more than a peek) into each character's life- even the characters that seem more minor.

7. The villains are awesome

There are loads of interesting villains in every episode. Some episodes feature people who accidentally committed a murder, others feature crazed spouses, serial killers, people who were wrongly incarcerated, and some seasons feature the same killer over a long period of time. The later seasons deal with a killer possibly connected to the Freemasons... but that's all I'll say about that....

8. The Ending

The last season was super suspenseful. If you watch this show, it will keep you on the edge of your seat (or bed) for the entire last season trying to see if your favorite characters will be killed off. The ending was surprisingly compact, that is to say there were no loose ends. I can't think of one thing that wasn't tied up. They even brought back some of our favorite characters- one from the afterlife- for the very last two episodes. There's nothing worse than an amazing show with an unsatisfying ending (*cough* *cough* Dexter), but Bones is an amazing show that has a very fulfilling- and exciting- ending! Highly highly recommend this show to all you mystery-loving geeks like me out there! Enjoy!

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