I'm writing about 13 Reasons Why. I'm writing about this because this is an important topic to society. No just because of the suicide and everything but just in general. This show has reasons why you should watch it and it has reasons why you shouldn't watch it. Suicide is a heavy topic in my house because my family knows two people that had killed themselves at a very young age and one of them was really recent. 13 Reasons Why is promoting many things in different ways. People say we shouldn't watch it because it's promoting suicide. How is it promoting suicide? I don't see how it is. I see that it's promoting people to get help and talk to people about there issues so they don't hurt themselves or feel like there ever alone. If your going to watch this it would be better for people to watch it with there family so they can ASK questions and point things out as they go along. 13 Reasons Why is giving people a voice saying "Hey lets stop this because it is a serious problem in our society today." People shouldn't have to be afraid of talking about there feelings to there parents or anyone else if they need help. They shouldn't even feel like suicide is an option because in my book SUICIDE ISN'T AN OPTION. Everyone should be provided with the help they need and know the signs of someone who is depressed. People should know how to help the ones in need of help or a shoulder to cry on. 13 Reasons Why helped me learn that saying a nice thing can be the most meaningful thing to someone and it also showed me the signs of someone who is depressed and might need help. So I say watch 13 Reasons Why and get knowledge on this kind of stuff because you might be able to save someones life one day.