Sexual Assault On College Campuses Is An Issue
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Sexual Assault On College Campuses Is An Issue

No student should have to choose between an education and fear of being sexually assaulted.

Sexual Assault On College Campuses Is An Issue
American Association of University Women

85-90% of sexual assault victims know their attackers (National Institute of Justice). More likely than not there is no scary stranger jumping out from a bush. The rapists on college campuses are both repeat offenders, and are the average college student (Lisak, "Repeat Rape and Multiple Offending Among Undetected Rapists"). 1 in 16 of these "undetected" rapists when asked if they'd ever had sexual intercourse or relations when a woman was incapable of consenting, or refused admitted they'd gone ahead. What made this even more disturbing was the fact that they showed no remorse, and did not think this behavior constituted as sexual assault or rape because no weapon was used, and the victim never actually said no. Sexual assaults on college campuses are both rampant and disturbing, when parents send their daughters off to college, they face the reality that their daughter may become a victim of sexual assault. This mentality that dressing a certain way will provoke unwanted attention, or their being intoxicated puts you at your own risk willingly is beyond ignorant. College is the years you get to experience life, see things, and meet people, as well as get to know yourself and your boundaries. By placing all the fault and responsibility on 18, 19, 20, 21, and 22 year old's is preposterous. How can we live when we face the constant threat of sexual assault, sexual harassment, and victim shaming. Not being able to walk alone at night, go for a morning jog, go out with friends, and having to constantly be on edge around male classmates. The reality is these rapists are not strangers, they are people you know, who know you, and who more likely than not you trust, and recognize.

When I see the statistics, and think about who could possibly know my schedule, I realized any number of people could. During the academic year, my schedule every semester was set with classes, work, and going to the gym. This conversation needs to be had, and the attitude of blaming female students for enticing their male counterparts is not solving and will not solve the problem. Unfortunately, the statistic of one in five college women being sexually assaulted was validated by the Bureau of Justice Statistics, these numbers time and again have been found to be correct. We need to do more, we owe our sisters, mothers, and daughters more than this. Consent needs to be made a priority, and the charges need to be more than misconduct, suspension for a day, immediate expulsion upon graduation (*all actual punishments by universities and colleges). This conversation needs to be had, and we need to face the reality as a society that there is a huge problem on our college campuses of sexual assault. No woman should have to sacrifice her education for fear of being sexually assaulted, harassed, and or being raped.

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