Since this past weekend was Memorial Weekend, I decided to discuss just how important it is to support our troops. They sacrifice their lives everyday to protect our nation. In my personal opinion, we do not show enough support. I mean don’t get me wrong, It’s great that we have a day set aside where we can take a day to reflect on all our service members have done, but we must not forget to thank them and support them on other days as well. Being a service member is not easy, there are constantly sacrifices that not only the service member has to take, but their families as well. This is a duty that is very taxing. I can only imagine how hard and frustrating it is to dedicate your life to protecting the nation and only hear a thank you every so often. This is why I will always thank service men and women when I see them. I want to let them know that I appreciate all they do. I have learned that most of them have amazing stories to tell if you allow them to speak. They are people too and they need to be heard just like anyone else. So if you find yourself in front of a service member, do not shy away. Tell them how thankful you are for them. Try not to forget that they need to speak too so allow them a chance to speak. I’m so encouraged to see how much of a change we can make. It is super important that we make these service members feel appreciated and that they can know that their sacrifices weren’t for nothing.