There are a million and one organizations that people are involved in during their college years. A lot of people are involved in a service organization or two, but sometimes I think the meaning is lost in the hustle and bustle of college life. We collect funds, and plan events, but I think we forget where our efforts are going.

That’s one reason that I love Habitat for Humanity, because you are able to physically contribute (as well as fundraise) to the organization and see where the fruits of your labor are going. Habitat builds are really incredible events and it’s really hard to go to one without feeling something. Even if you aren’t coordinated or handy, everyone can help with these builds. There are dedication days, where you get to see the family cut the ribbon on their home and actually move in, and you see what all your hard work went towards.

That’s just one example, but I think it’s really incredible how many opportunities there are on college campuses to help those in need. At Wake we also have Campus Kitchen, where you can prepare meals for the less fortunate, Students Helping Honduras, where students actually travel to Honduras and help build schools, and many other groups and organizations, including the philanthropies Greek Life organizations serve.

If you’re an incoming college freshman at any school, I encourage you to look into service organizations. Obviously, it looks good on a resume, but it’s so much more than that. Over the last four years when I’ve been stressed about something school-related, I would just turn to my responsibilities for Habitat because it reminded me that there are people who have it worse off than me, that my problems weren’t as big as they seemed, and that I could have a hand in helping someone else.

If you’re ever looking for another way to get involved on campus, join a service organization!