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Witch Fight: Sephora's Starter Witch Kit

This controversial product has witches fighting amongst ourselves.

Witch Fight: Sephora's Starter Witch Kit
Maddy McKeever

From reading posts online, to talking to my real life witch friends, there's a lot of opinions surrounding the witch kit made my Pinrose and sold at Sephora.

Pinrose Starter Witch kit

This kit will be hitting the market as an October special in Sephora stores. It seems that thanks to Halloween, witchcraft is going to become mainstream until November hits. But, maybe it brings awareness to some that stick with it after October ends.

With permission from the witches, I've pulled four examples of arguments that I feel are well thought-out and researched while walking through the controversy surrounding different parts of this witch kit.

Prices & Big Corporation

Most witches agree, supporting local small occult shops is better than giving a big corporation like Sephora even more money than they already have. However, a lot of people wouldn't find small occult stores on their own.

If you live in Tacoma, I recommend either Crystal Voyage (3802 S Cedar St, Tacoma, WA 98409) or Crescent Moon Gifts (2502 6th Ave, Tacoma, WA 98406).

If you live in Seattle, I recommend Cunning Crow Apothecary (9024 Greenwood Ave N, Seattle, WA 98103) or Edge Of The Circle Books (1307 NE 45th St, Seattle, WA 98105).

If you visit these smaller stores, you are also likely to get a better deal on the items individually rather than in a pack. Sage and gemstones don't actually cost that much. However, if you are looking for convenience, it is easier to buy it altogether rather than shop for all the items individually.


This is the most hated topic in the kit.

All witches are up in arms about the inclusion of this item. However, the reasons why vary.

White sage is associated with Native American practices, so the inclusion of it can be seen as appropriation of that culture. This also happens when people use the word 'smudging' instead of 'burning' when speaking of burning sage, because smudging is an indigenous Americans term for burning herbs. However, white sage is used widely by witches for cleansing, whether it be white sage or not. I use silver sage from Eastern Washington.

Some people are very confused about the harvesting of this sage though. Many are arguing that white sage is endangered, when in fact it is actually over-harvested. This is still a problem when a large corporation is going to be harvesting large quantities of it, but this doesn't stop occult stores from stocking it too.

Tarot Deck

I've done some research into the source of the tarot artist. While many people are claiming the deck art is beautiful but stolen, it has been revealed recently that the artist sells their art on Shuttershock and it was purchased by Pinrose for the deck legally.

Some witches are worried about the misuse of the tarot deck, but it is not as dangerous to try out as something like a Ouija board. Treat your tarot deck like a good friend and it won't get temperamental on you.

However, if this is your first witch item you probably don't know that your first tarot deck is supposed to be a gift. This is a good reason to get someone else to buy the overpriced kit for you.

Rose Quartz

Some of my irl witch friends on Facebook

Maddy McKeever

Crystals carry around energy. Some people feel that energy more than others. Lots of witches are worried about bad energy being carried in the rose quartz in this kit because the people won't know how to properly cleanse and charge their crystal. Rather than reprimand, I'm going to link to this website and this website that teach how to do just that. Otherwise, I walked around with worry stones in tons of types of rocks in my pocket as a teen and nothing bad happened, and I kept crystal to decorate my windowsill too. Let's be honest witches, they are just going to think the rock is pretty and set it on their desk to collect dust.

My friend on Facebook (K) after the conversation above did make a good point that rose quartz has associations though. If people look into it, the gem is associated with healing and love. FYI this rock cannot magically grant you a love life just by owning it.

Also, for those of you out there arguing that these kits are an appropriation of Wicca and Pagan religion, witchcraft does not equal Wicca. I am a witch, but I am not associated with either of those religions. Craft and beliefs can be separate, just like church and state.

I'm leaving the scents not argued because I'm sure a makeup company as big as Sephora knows how to make good scents by now.

I've weighed the pros and cons, now it's up to you to decide if you'll buy the kit or not. I'm not going to, but that's because I don't want the scents.

Overall, I think it's not the best way to bring light to something seen as taboo in society still, but exposure can help lead to acceptance. I'll happily guide any new witchlings that feel like dabbling in the art, whether they leave it after October or not. Just remember that witchcraft is not a costume.

UPDATE:This article was recently posted with Pinrose's response to the backlash, and production of the kits has been halted!

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