As humans, we spend an infinite amount of time getting to know people, analyzing why they say certain things, and ponder their actions. We don't spend enough time getting to know ourselves. We are often swept up in the pressure to impress those around us and get lost without considering how other people are impacted by us too. Self-reflection has become a rare practice that fewer people invest time into.

You can start by taking 10 minutes to unplug and think about what it means to be a better version of yourself. Start by focusing on moving forward by building habits that make you proud, even when it's hard to admit fault or view situations in a different light. The majority of us don't take time to self-reflect on our actions and behaviors, but we should.

We each deserve happiness and peace. Growing through dirt and taking responsibility allows us to blossom and get one step closer to finding harmony.

Living a life that is stifled, bottled up, and repressed is like shaking a soda up and leaving it unopened, ready to explode the moment it's opened. There are ways to channel your emotions and contemplate in a healthy way that will allow you to grow stronger, especially by facing challenges or uncomfortable situations in a constructive manner. Tranquility can be achieved by taking control and owning your feelings in a positive way.

By reflecting on the type of person you want to be and striving to make the changes necessary to be a better person, you'll be more proud of the person you're becoming.

Instead of looking at the way the world affects you, try imagining everything from multiple viewpoints in an attempt to see the bigger picture. This can be especially difficult because we don't want to see things from other perspectives when we can continue playing the blame game. It's the natural human instinct. We would instead like to continue our lives without being held responsible for the consequences of our words and actions because that is easier. Taking the time to consider your reactions and dialogue is just as vital as considering the way things impact you.

There's no book to tell us what will work for our personality type or how to handle the curve balls life continuously throws. We can only rely on ourselves to filter the difference between right and wrong, while simultaneously trying to be supportive of our loved ones and ourselves. No one can change you except yourself. You can't change others or make them want to change for the better, they have to want to do it themselves. We can hold ourselves accountable for the impact we have on others. And if that impact continues to be negative, perhaps it is time to do some damage control to benefit everyone involved.

It seems discouraging to admit flaws, but it's a valuable ability to be able to recognize character defects in yourself. Being able to analyze how you can improve yourself gives you the ability to reach heights that others will never be capable of. Having intimate dates to get to know yourself and strengthen your mental health is vital to peace of mind. Letting yourself have a moment of vulnerability when reflecting builds character and internal strength. It's also important to congratulate yourself when reflecting and celebrate small victories, like handling a situation without blowing up or getting frustrated!

Not only will you gain perspective on how you may appear to those around you, but you will also find great satisfaction in being true to yourself.