"Are you a giver or a taker?"

That very question pierces through my brain as I overthink it a million times.

I always think of what I have to offer the world. Ideally, I want to spread love and radiate this light of positivity, however, it isn't that simple. I'm constantly dragging on in life with negativity joint at my hip. I've noticed it's so easy to be consumed with negative thoughts, rather than being hopeful. I believe we try our best but life takes over, realistically barriers are repeated blockades in front of us, so that leaves no choice but to be insecure. I read a quote that said, "being positive doesn't mean ignoring the negative. Being positive means overcoming the negative. There's a big difference between the two." This quote helps uplift the hopefulness in my life.

I've always looked to others for answers about myself. I don't think it was apparent, but it was definitely a big contribution to how I wanted to live my life. For instance, when people would say uplifting things to me in high school, I would make it my mission to live up to that. I felt that I had this expectation to carry out and there was more expected of me. I wanted to impress everyone because somehow that would help me be a better person. However, I've grown to know that isn't true

I'm constantly changing, the person I was yesterday isn't the same as the person I am today. I've developed new interests, I look at life on a completely different spectrum. I have to constantly remind myself that I am good enough on my own terms. Not for anyone else. The encouragement I receive from others is greatly appreciated, but I'm starting to find my self worth by discovering myself. And not as what other people see me as.

I'm slowly working on who I am, and that comes with time. I encourage each of you to embrace others compliments with gratitude, however, it's also important to understand yourself.