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The Mystery Of Conceptualizing Love

Those deep thoughts you have while sitting alone and feeling momentarily lonely

The Mystery Of Conceptualizing Love
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Leaning into the creaks of a comfortably worn couch frame, light from a nearby window encourages deep-rooted thought.

There are wispy moments within our days when our mind finds solitude. Safe from the obliteration of other minds and words, our mind clicks on its flashlight and begins the hunt for what challenges our comforts. The people that join the hunt are the people that enjoy the delicious hunt for freedom and peace: freedom from their lonely lives.

Loneliness is a stray kitten poking his baby head from a bush, round fearful eyes hungry for food, but nevertheless afraid. Eventually, the hunger for food will take over the kitten's fear, or he will die.

However long you have to sit on your creaky yet comfortable thought-provoking chair, when you do, you often have thoughts that contribute to the image of a "perfect world."

Often within that image of a perfect world is a concept of love. A concept possibly shaded, possibly narrow, or possibly too broad, but nevertheless boundlessly existing. We don't like to admit it, but we all have concepts of love somewhere in our minds, through the feelings of bright windows or cozy fireplaces. The image of a perfect love may normally include a husband and wife with small children trailing behind them like tiny little ducklings soaking in the knowledge that of our world.

Additionally, maybe your image of a perfect world is you and your dog. I cannot help but wonder if any of these concepts and ideas of love are real? If the concept of love is real, what makes it real? How is it that we all feel it? My Golden Retriever feels it, my cousin feels it through sifting real hugs from fake hugs, and I feel it in the posture and eye positioning of the people conversing with me. Is love real?

And if it is real, is it a fragment of our imagination, or a sub-category of our consciousness? When crushes are formed, are we smitten by this phenomenon of loving what we don't know anything about? Do we only love for the mystery of discovering what we think we could never have, or what we don't know? Is all love selfish and mysterious? How does our brain exactly form images of love and is it standardized throughout all the world? Can humans feel love through music, or is that a non-comparable virus type of clone?

How do some people form friendships quicker than others? Perhaps it is because the people with higher levels of intelligence hear people's words for what is spoken and for what is not - the hidden messages - the psychological root of intention. Maybe that's why some people have more friends than I do. They can make them quicker because they hear no deeper meanings within spoken words. They can relate to chit chat and are entertained by feelings and emotions.

Nowadays I feel like all I need to do to make some friends is memorize the lyrics to Frank Ocean songs.

I don't even know who Frank Ocean is, barely. It feels like whenever I'm in the car with a new person and a pop culture radio station comes on - the new person I'm with is almost testing me, subconsciously of course… the key to developing a friendship lies in the knowledge of these song lyrics.

But I don't know any of the songs, I can't relate, and although I know that I could make many friends from simply coasting and browsing through popular music like I did when I was nine - I can't will myself to. It is not because I don't respect the music or people listening to it - I do respect the details that make others different from me, but the music and act of "swimming with the fishes" is not me. I want to be an individual, maybe that makes me an outlier and skews my conception behind the psychological roots of love. I AM an outlier.

A more important question formed through observation is how can the simplicity of song memorization, or secret sharing bond two friends to love and care for each other? Without secret crushes or similar music tastes, can the rest of the world join in on this love fest? More importantly, is the affection we feel for each other as friends, family, and animals real?

But what makes me an outlier? Is it because I am living my life with the purpose of finding deep philosophical answers? Is it because I am curious about the mystery of conceptualizing love? Is the single act of questioning the roots of love what makes me so keen to the details that once rested mysteriously far away?

I am observant. When I walk down a hallway at school I am impeccable at small talk. I am friendly with everyone and have introduced myself to all people, and the most remarkable social thing I've done is found myself a real group of friends to associate myself with.

Despite all this, many times it feels forced, fake, or simply odd. I always feel as if I see something that others don't or I have found a new thought or idea that no one else is interested in. I feel alone often times in my quest for answers. Although the mystery of conceptualizing love digs deep into the human mind, the true mystery is finding out what makes me so curious about it and others not at all interested.

I wonder if love always has to be associated with moral religious purpose. I wonder if real, deep religion is the only way to preserve love.

I wonder all these things and I hope that by searching within the human mind I can find all the answers to my philosophical questions.

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