Sasha Banks & Bayley Are Truly Running The Wrestling Business Right Now
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Sasha Banks & Bayley Are Truly Running The Wrestling Business Right Now

The two double-champs are living proof that even without fans in the arena, they can still provide great entertainment.

Sasha Banks & Bayley Are Truly Running The Wrestling Business Right Now

Sasha Banks. Bayley. Two of the best women's wrestlers on WWE programming. Together again but better than ever.

When WWE first introduced the Women's Tag Team Titles in early 2019, it was apparent that they were going to choose two of the best wrestlers on their roster to do so. No, I don't mean Hornswoggle and Xanta Claus. I mean Sasha Banks and Bayley. The Boss-Hug Connection. The Bad B*tch Bunch. Champs That Run The Camp. They fought tooth-and-nail (and hair) to become first-ever tag team champs at Elimination Chamber 2019, outlasting five other teams in the Chamber. Just as everyone thought the duo would hold onto them to establish the belts as a priority to the women's division, they lost them after only 49 days at Wrestlemania 35. Rumors circulated that both champions threw a 'temper tantrum' before the match backstage because they wanted to keep the titles, which could be true. Banks herself was contemplating quitting the company due to 'creative differences' but was compensated with an extended leave of absence after Wrestlemania. Bayley was still on TV, competing in that year's Women's Money in the Bank ladder match and winning. She cashed in on Charlotte Flair that same night to become Smackdown Women's Champion, defending against the likes of Alexa Bliss, Nikki Cross, and Ember Moon all the way through September.

Enter: Sasha Banks' return.

Sasha returned not long after Summerslam, but this time turning heel and attacking Raw Women's Champ Becky Lynch. Her new attitude called back to her origins as "The Boss," this time shining light on how she is WWE's best wrestler and not just an in-ring general. She and Becky would feud for a bit before Bayley entered the picture, and who do you think won the f***ing pony (thanks, Jim Cornette)? Bayley turned heel, as well. The lifelong good girl finally did the impossible and helped Sasha in a beatdown of Lynch. The duo would reunite officially that night, and the rest of 2019 saw Bayley lose and regain the Smackdown title before 2020 was here.

be gone go away GIF by WWEGiphy

Bayley's change of appearance (a haircut) would solidify her new persona, using her camera time to brag about her success and she and Sasha dubbed themselves the 'Golden Role Models.' The duo's new lease on life would run rampant on WWE programming, and by the time the COVID-19 pandemic arrived, both would be fully featured on TV in a main event spot. Bayley would retain the title at Wrestlemania 36 Night 2 in a 5-pack elimination match that also included Sasha Banks. If Vince had his way, the two would've split up that night since he doesn't see tag teams as a main source of success.

Thank god he didn't split them.

They are the best performers on the roster right now, despite fan attendance being obsolete and results leaking out via pre-taped episodes of Raw and Smackdown. Their chemistry on the mic and in the ring is better than ever, which resulted in the duo regaining the Women's Tag Team Titles from Bliss & Cross in early June. Additionally, Banks "won" the Raw Women's Championship from Asuka at Extreme Rules (which was indeed a Horror Show) in odd fashion before officially winning it a week later on Raw in a pre-match stipulation where the title could change hands via pin, submission, DQ and count-out.

Now that they control every women's championship (excluding NXT's Io Shirai), let the lengthy reigns begin.

Let's be honest, one of them will lose their singles titles by Summerslam. Hell, they might lose all three there. However, don't take the easy way out (like they usually do). Give them a chance to really show their stuff on a bigger scale by defending all of them and turning back their opponents in good matches and awesome storytelling. Give them the run they've deserved since appearing on main roster television back in 2015 and 2016.

This is not a 'what-if', this is a 'must-do'.

Fans will voice their support or disdain on the internet, so look at that rather than TV ratings. Sure, they might be dropping like I drop soda cans in the recycling bin, but don't ruin your next big thing for the women's roster and WWE, in general. Banks and Bayley are tremendous wrestlers and should be keeping their ground on WWE's main event spots for some time, especially with Charlotte and Becky Lynch absent for some time (Becky being pregnant and Charlotte needing some rest and surgery).

What do you think of Bayley and Banks' current run? Should more be done with them? Should they defend outside WWE to really show their stuff? Or should they challenge Trish and Lita to a match at Summerslam? I'm Jake from OPW, have a nice day!

Asuka vs. Sasha Banks – Raw Women’s Championship Match: Raw, July 27,

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