How to make the rush process easier
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10 Ways To Make The Rush Process Easier

Yes, recruitment is somewhat terrifying, but there are so many ways to make it manageable.

10 Ways To Make The Rush Process Easier

Eliza Cooper

The recruitment process can be an extremely stressful time for college girls. Initially, even deciding whether to go Greek or not can be a tough decision, but the events following your decision can be even tougher. If it is during your first semester, rush can add to the stress of transitioning to a new place and finding friends. Second-semester rush can be even more stressful since you don't want to split apart from the friends you have made. The pressure of spending long days trying to impress girls you've never met before is intense and overwhelming. It is normal to have these anxious feelings, so here are 10 tips to make rush seem a little less scary.

1. What you wear does not matter

Girls spend hours upon hour picking out the perfect outfits and jewelry to wear to every round of rush. In reality, what you wear doesn't matter whatsoever. The sorority you join should be because of who you really are, not what you're wearing.

2. Be friendly to girls in sororities you think you don’t belong in 

Even if you walk into a house that you can already tell won't be the fit for you, be friendly to all the girls you talk to. Every person you talk to loves their own chapter, so it's crucial to respect that. Despite that house feeling like it's the one for you or not, it's the one for someone else.

3. Try to not dwell on every conversation

If you walk out of a chapter you love, and the conversation didn't represent how much you loved it, don't worry. The rush process is extremely unnatural, which means conversations don't always flow the way they normally would. It's okay to be awkward.

4. It’s not in your control

This may sound cheesy but TRUST THE PROCESS! As much as girls want to be perfect for the sororities they love, the people rushing you know if they see you as a good fit or not. If you get dropped from a house you liked, there's a reason that happened. Everything will work out the way it should.

5. Bring the essentials

The days of rush can be up to 8 hours long, with few breaks. It's important to bring a bag along with you to hold Chapstick, gum, a granola bar, even some oil absorbing papers just in case.

6. Be true to yourself, but make sure to be enthusiastic 

Even if you aren't the most bubbly person, showing a positive attitude about joining a chapter is the best way to make a good impression. There is no need to put on a fake persona of yourself since people will be able to read through it. Just make sure to be enthusiastic!

7. Be interested in what they are talking about

Especially in the earlier rounds of recruitment, you will have the same conversation 20+ times. As exhausting as this can be, push through it to make sure you leave a good impression on every girl you meet. Every girl you talk to is a part of Greek life (obviously), which is already a commonality you have with that person. You can definitely find things you have common with each person, whether it has to do with interests, majors, or life in general. Be open to learning about everyone and look for where you two can connect.

8. It's not going to be picture perfect

After multiple days of talking to a variety of girls, you will most likely run into some sort of bump in the road. Whether this is a clothing malfunction, tripping on the street, or desperately having to use the bathroom in the middle of a conversation, don't worry, this happens to everyone. These things are normal for every girl, so don't let them ruin your day.

9. It's just girl flirting (glirting)

The word "glirting" is the most accurate way to describe these conversations. You want to impress them just as much as they want to impress you. Embrace this new and strange way of talking to people.

10. Don’t forget to smile!

As much as this process might suck, the end results will be worth it. Joining a sorority can be the greatest thing that happens to a college student. Push through the long days to get the result that you want. Smiling is the best way to show that!

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