Running Through Game Of Thrones For The First Time
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Running Through Game Of Thrones For The First Time

Up to the end of episode four, anyway.

Running Through Game Of Thrones For The First Time

This article is brought to you by the same person who started to read the Percy Jackson and Heroes of Olympus series in 2014/2015, only about four years after it stopped being popular.

It's been a long time coming, but I recently got access to the first season of Game of Thrones. I'm -- what? -- about 6 years late? It's nothing. And after all of the memes that have run through every news feed to exist, I have references for days but no legitimate substance from the show. So, I invite you to relive your innocent days and, through naive eyes, to watch the show that tore your soul apart and made you hate harder than you knew possible.

Note: At this point, I have watched through Season 1 Episode 4.

Am I supposed to hate the Lannisters so much already?

By the end of the second episode I decided the entire family, excluding Tyrion, are the annoying rich people in every movie with egos so inflated that they have their own feather pillows. Plus, royal twincest and tossing a kid out of a window are pretty much par for the course in royal families. But lying about being disarmed by a woman because of your pre-teen masculinity and getting adorable dire wolves killed in the process? I can't forgive that.

I'm just waiting for Viserys to get what's coming to him

But beyond Joffrey's ignorant, self-indulgent, recklessly violent personality, I may even hate Viserys more. Being so belligerently obsessed with getting his crown back, he repeatedly abuses his sister physically, emotionally and mentally. Going along with that, he's a child with the rank to throw temper tantrums and only have it thrown in his face when the Dothraki are around, or when Daenerys decides to own her Khaleesi role. He's more of a snake than a dragon and I can not wait for him to bite the wrong end of a sword or something.

So does everyone just communicate via veiled threats constantly oooooor...

Considering the way everyone in this show talks to each other, though, that doesn't seem too far off. By the end of episode four, everyone from Jaime Lannister to King Robert has seemed to have issued some sort of threat to another person under the guise of casual conversation and/or banter. It's really helping the whole "everyone is your enemy" thing come through loud and clear.

I hope Arya becomes a badass

If anyone is preparing for their enemies to face off against them, it's Arya Stark. Whether she's armed with a stick, Needle or a practice sword, she's pushing herself so she doesn't end up defenseless. She has a really strong moral compass that strays her away from the royal family politics and any status quo that stops her from being who she is. She's got what it takes to become my favorite, for sure.

I look forward to more interactions between Tyrion and Joffrey

Joffrey has only really done one terrible thing so far, but there's almost nothing more satisfying than watching Tyrion smack him around a bit. I'm not condoning child abuse in the real world, but Joffrey could use a little bit of it, to say the least.

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