Here's A Full Rundown On The First Episode Of 'The Bachelor' Season 24 *With Slight Spoilers*
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Here's A Full Rundown On The First Episode Of 'The Bachelor' Season 24 *With Slight Spoilers*

Each season is unlike the other, take a glimpse into the Peter's season as its fueled with 30 women all fighting for the number one spot of his love.

Here's A Full Rundown On The First Episode Of 'The Bachelor' Season 24 *With Slight Spoilers*

Here we are back again in a new year that may include new opportunities and experiences for some. But, for me, it means it's time to grab my popcorn and plop on the couch to begin my weekly binge of none other than... "The Bachelor."

Each season is always different than the other, and I truly live for the thrill of it all. This season stars the cute, adorable, and sweet, Pilot Pete (aka Peter Weber). 30 women are all in the competition of being his one true love, and they're all as crazy as ever.

The first episode included the classic introductions of each contestant as they made their way towards the Bachelor Mansion in order to introduce themselves to Peter. As their introductions went on, it honestly felt as though each one was more dramatic than the other. I do not want to give any direct spoilers for those who haven't watched it yet, but let's just say that there was a cow and a VERY large paper airplane involved.

After the introductions, all the women had their opportunities to talk to Peter and impress him as much as they can in order to receive a rose in the first rose ceremony. Again, some women clearly pull their all and even say some very dramatic things to entice Peter to give them that rose. Although I did not think the women were too crazy this season, I did enjoy the talk Peter had with one woman, Alayah, as he read the letter that her grandma had written for him.

Then, we moved on to the Rose Ceremony, which is always my favorite part. For this first ceremony, 8 women were let go, bringing the total number down to only 22.

Next, a handful of girls were chosen to experience flight school training and were able to get a glimpse into the life of a pilot. The winner of these experiences was able to go on a beautiful joy ride with Peter.

Peter had then made his decision on which lucky girl he got to bring on his special one-on-one date. This lucky girl was able to go with Peter to the touching vow renewal of his parents. This was honestly the sweetest moment of "The Bachelor" and had all of my friends and I tearing up.

Since "The Bachelor" is always known for its drama, the first episode of the season would not be the same without it. In order to spice things up, former bachelorette and love interest, Hannah Brown made a shocking appearance at the end of the episode leading the audience stunned. In order to mess us all up even more, this episode finished off with "To be continued..." to leave us all questioning the fate of Peter and Hannah B.

Although this was the first episode and I do not know the women that well yet, my pick for Peter would be Madison.

I can't wait to see what happens next week!

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