Rooting for the Villain is Cool?
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Rooting for the Villain is Cool?

A quick spiel addressing the suitable approach to change in social climate. Listen

Rooting for the Villain is Cool?

Ever find yourself watching a movie and realizing that you’re on the villain’s side? Whether they seek world domination, eternal life, or just to straight up kill you – the bad guy is so awesome you’re hoping they win. Why would something like that happen? That’s not how you’re supposed to feel. But, perhaps, that’s not even such a bad thing.

Attending school in a metropolitan Mecca, like Washington, DC, can often prove overwhelming and intimidating for those of us moving in from small towns. This new playground is full of opportunities you’ve never even heard of before. Did you know that there are actual places where you can get food after 11 pm?

However, fast and drastic changes can ruin your college experience. You can find yourself becoming too entrenched on the villain's side. Here’s a super cool Star War’s reference – we slowly begin to lose our Jedi principles and become allured to the Sith, like Anakin. These guys seem cool as hell. Who doesn’t want to learn how to shoot lightning from their hands? But the fault here lays in Anakin’s easy susceptibility to his new friend Palpatine’s tricks. His fall from grace constitutes the classic scenario of a good kid influenced by bad peers. Clearly, Darth Vader was born from the impulsiveness of a man eager for something new.    

It’s true. Such a dramatic change can prove awful (i.e. destruction of all law and peace in the Galaxy). But attempting to intertwine these new changes in a slow and meaningful fashion can prove useful. It allows us to shed some skin and adopt a new and mature persona indicative of profound growth. But a word of caution: the words “slow” and “meaningful” must hold weight in the changes you wish to adopt. Nuance experiences with newfound opportunities but remember to hold on to the small town self you brought to school at the beginning.  

Essentially, there is nothing wrong with beginning to root for the villain in a movie. You’re just adopting a different and new perspective that you’ve picked up on this journey we call life. Embrace that change, bro. But, just take things thoughtfully and make sure that you are in control – not your new friends. If you find yourself rooting for the bad guy, don’t get mad. Realize that we are full of both light and dark. And that realization, in itself, will be a testament to maturity. The villain persona I’ve conjured is nothing more than your own spirit of adventure and change. Embrace this fellow with open arms, but remember to never forget where you came from.

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