Rock Origins Of Spiller
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Rock Origins Of Spiller

Spiller is one of the most well-known Eugene bands because of how well they involve the audience and their incredible energy.

Rock Origins Of Spiller
Ashley McMurray

Spiller is one of the most well-known Eugene bands because of how well they involve the audience and their incredible energy during performances.

Sam, Luke, and Justin all met in the music dorms of Spiller in Hamilton. They ended up jamming together and met Aidan in the basement jam room. They spent much of their time writing songs in this room. Around four years later, Spiller has become one of the most well-known Eugene bands.

Spiller made a name for themselves by seeking out and performing at all the gigs they possibly could. They wanted to become involved with the music scene here and they wanted to know the other local bands.

Sam Singing His Heart Out

"Performing with Spiller is definitely a great way to stay in shape *laughs*" -Sam


"I love how interactive Spiller is. We play our songs differently almost every time we play them and it's part of what makes us unique." -Luke


Sam definitely impressed me with his insane knowledge of seltzer and sparkling waters.


"Smoothie bowls make me really happy." -Justin


"We never make a set list before our performances because we prefer to decide it on the spot or during the previous set." -Luke


The members of Spiller are all involved in various other musical projects, which makes it easy for them to incorporate all kinds of music into their work.

Sam Laughing

"We all vibe really well together like we even all live together!" -Sam

Luke Singing His Heart Out

"Whenever we perform, it always turns into a jam session. Other bands will try to get it absolutely perfect every time and that's just not us." -Luke


After asking the members what makes them the happiest, Aidan and Sam both quickly replied with seltzer water and then proceeded to rank seltzer waters for me after I explained how I'd only had La Croix. Apparently, they rate La Croix as the lowest and Refreshe as one of the highest.


Spiller is currently working on some new material (which is crazy exciting).


Spiller is putting the final planning touches on their seventh tour from December 16-23, 2017.


Spiller typically determines their set list during the actual set which means they play what they want to play and what they think the audience will like. The audience massively influences their music. They mentioned how insane some house show crowds can be and how the Blue Room is a massive breath of fresh air compared to some of the more crowded shows they've played.


"One of our summer tours is definitely the most memorable for me." -Justin

"Do you want to make a seltzer water run right now?" -Sam

Luke and Aidan

One of their fondest memories from their tour was playing at Smiley's Saloon in California. This place had been around since 1856 in this small, little town. The only bar in town had upstairs sleeping quarters, aka Captain's Quarters, where they all spent the night. They told me about this creepy captain statue that just existed in the middle of the room, which put the final touches on the Captain's Quarters. When they were driving to the bar, they were in the downtown cul-de-sac and a stray dog just literally laid down in the middle of the road ahead of them. What represents a small town better than that?


Another one of their fond memories of their tour is Bellingham and their friends, Nathan and Justus. They told me about how one of the houses had a stage built in the living room and how they've never seen anything like that before.

Luke and Aidan

Spiller expressed gratitude for the hospitality they've experienced on tour; They've never had to sleep in their car while touring. This is incredibly rare, but they always managed to find housing.

"Before we bought a van for our biggest tour, we were traveling around in Sam's little Subaru, which was a little crowded, to say the least *laughs*" -Luke

When they were traveling in the Subaru, they had to borrow a drum set at their shows since there wasn't space to travel with a full drum kit. With the van now, they actually have enough space to bring all of the equipment they need.

The best part about watching Spiller perform is you never know what to expect, like Luke just dropped to the floor and started performing in the middle of the song. Towards the end of their set, Sam, Luke, and Aidan all crouched down and encouraged the entire audience to do likewise. After some convincing, the whole audience ended up crouching down to join the other musicians. One of the things that makes Spiller so unique is their involvement with the audience in combination with their spontaneity.

"Getting to freestyle in the car while traveling from place to place was one of my favorite parts of tour." -Sam

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