Rising Roll: An Exposé on the Best Sandwiches on Grounds

Rising Roll: An Exposé on the Best Sandwiches on Grounds

Rising Rolls equals rising appetites.

Yesterday I was strolling through the sad halls of New Cabell, when suddenly, a new wondrous smell wafted into my nostrils. At first I was surprised — was there some foreign language cuisine seminar taking place?

As I turned a corner, I saw the source of the smell: Rising Roll, the newest dining establishment on grounds. Having just left an evening meeting, I was famished and decided to stop in for a quick bite. Walking to the establishment, I was entranced by a plethora of delicious scents.

The first smell that danced through my nostrils was the Caribou Coffee. Rising Roll has decided to bring in a new challenger to GreenBerry's and Starbucks. With this decision, they are more than just another sandwich shop. Caribou Coffee has a distinct flavor that I personally enjoy.

Rising Roll also has another feature that sets them apart. When entering, they have a second line JUST for coffee buyers. This makes it much easier to stop in for a quick cup of joe.

Another great business decision is that they are open early at 7:30 a.m. This will no doubt make it a little bit easier to stay awake during those 8 a.m. discussions.

Now don't worry, if you aren't a coffee aficionado like me, their sandwiches are also to die for.

As soon as I awoke from the Caribou Coffee coma, a second scent took hold of my mind. Rising Roll also features gourmet sandwiches. When I entered the line I was initially overwhelmed by the menu choices. The wraps, hot sandwiches, and cold cuts all drew my attention. I ended up picking a Chicken Salad Sandwich. It featured a delicious chicken salad, apple slices and possibly bacon — my memory gets hazy after the first glorious bite. After putting in my order, and some friendly back and forth with the employees, I was surprised yet again. Instead of pulling the sandwich pre-made out of some fridge, it was made fresh right in front of me.

In the interest of fairness to other on grounds dining establishments, I should mention a few drawbacks. Unfortunately, Rising Roll only accepts plus dollars. Hopefully, some meal exchange option can be worked out in the future, but for now its plus or cash. Secondly, being sandwiched in between New and Old Cabell hall makes the space quite cramped. Also, it will be interesting to see how New Cabell fairs with the increased foot traffic. I don't want to see something like the Newcomb lunch rush snaking through the building.

Overall, I am excited to see a new dining establishment open its doors on grounds. Especially in the South Lawn area, I have been getting increasingly tired of Starbucks and their “scones." So far, it seems that Rising Roll holds up to their claims of gourmet sandwiches. I cannot wait to get my hands on another one.
Cover Image Credit: Liz Quin

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As I Approach My 21st Birthday

I remember watching "Zoey 101," wondering when I would reach the teenage years.


I have no words to describe how I am feeling as I sit down to write this.

Of course, I am excited. 21 is definitely an unforgettable birthday. It is the real step into adult life. However, thinking backward, I feel uneasy. 21 years have passed. I am 21. I am old. It is time for the real world.

As I approach my 21st birthday, there are a few things I want you to know:

It is OK if some things don't make sense.

Do not rush your elementary days, middle school days, or high school days (they are the good old days).

It is OK to have some bad days.

Do not waste time on people who don't deserve it.

Some may disagree, some may value other lessons learned, but the common denominator remains. When you're growing up, you do not realize how fast time is going to go. You do not realize how life really is.

When you are in kindergarten, you are listening to your teacher talk about the days on the calendar. When you are staring at those dates, you are not thinking about where you will be 21 years from that point.

When you are in elementary school, you are receiving stars on a chart to achieve an award for your behavior in the classroom. When you are sitting there at this moment, you are not realizing that responsibility is one of the most important characteristics to have as an adult.

When you are in high school, you are preparing to leave what you've known for 12 years to go to something completely new. When you are watching your cap fly into the air, you are not realizing the importance of the years to come.

Sometimes, you may questions things. Am I on the right path? Am I truly happy? Am I going to have a bright future? Am I going to achieve my goals?

It is totally normal to experience all these questions. It is totally normal to feel uneasy. It is life.

There will be days that feel like a black hole is reeling you in, little by little. There will be nights where everything seems to make no sense. But this is all apart of the process.

To think after 21 years, people are now set up to enter the real world, leaves me with a little bit of fear. I am not sure if I am fully prepared for the real world. How is 21 the age when everything changes?

Well, no matter what the answer is to that question, I can ensure you, we all figure it out.

Some people may waste your time before you are 21. Some people may ruin your day. Some people may break your heart. But one thing I learned before turning 21 is that you should not waste your time on people who do not deserve your time.

Time is a precious thing and life is pretty short, you cannot waste extra minutes on someone who isn't worth it.

As I approach my 21st birthday, thoughts are bouncing around my head, scrambling around left and right. These thoughts are normal. There is much more to come, many lessons to learn.

Before you take a sip of your first drink on your 21st birthday, think about all the knowledge and lessons you've learned in these 21 years. All leading up to this one moment of adulthood.


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