Please Don't Say You Care About Me And Vote For Someone Who Doesn't Care About Me

Don't Say You Care About Me And Then Vote For Someone Who Doesn't Care About Me At All

It's not as red and blue as you think.

I currently feel like we live in a dystopia. The way politics seems to be playing out feels reminiscent of something I've read in a dystopian novel. It's absolutely ridiculous and it seems like it's fiction.

But it's not, and that's the worst part.

This is not coming from me being a "liberal snowflake" (which I'm not, by the way, I'm pretty moderate I like to think, and I particularly could care less about such a nickname); it's me attempting to just remind people that we should not be prioritizing party loyalty over simply having empathy for another human being.

People that I know and adore are letting party lines separate us from remembering people for what they are - just another human being trying to live their life too. I'm so tired of the politics that allows my fellow humans to dehumanize others.

Now, I am an absolute advocate for loving everyone - regardless of ethnicity, regardless of religion, regardless of gender orientation. One of my absolute pet peeves lately has been seeing followers of Faith supporting candidates that are racists or sexists. How can you stand there and boast about loving everyone and support someone that could care less about people that are not the same as you?

I don't think that we get to pick and choose what parts of the Bible to follow so here's this as a reminder:

"You are the people of God; he loved you and chose you for his own. So then, you must clothe yourselves with compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness, and patience. Be tolerant with one another and forgive one another whenever any of you has a complaint against someone else. You must forgive one another just as the Lord has forgiven you. And to all these qualities add love, which binds all things together in perfect unity."
— Colossians 3:12-14

We're supposed to be tolerant of our neighbors. P.s. this means immigrants! And please don't get me started on the illegal immigrant debate. We're supposed to love everyone, and supporting someone who very obviously has hatred in their heart is not a good place to begin.

I'm so tired of this and I'm not the only one. We need to do better. We can be better and it's ridiculous that people are forgetting about their humanity in this whole political mess that we're in right now.

I get that candidates are not always the best options or too far-left or too far-right leaning, but come on guys, voting just because so and so is a Republican or a Democrat is not the way to go. Especially considering that these candidates may consider themselves red or blue but their ideals are not the kind of Democrat or Republican that you are.

I'm so disappointed in our political state right now, like it is actually saddening and terrifying I wish I could wake up and things would be different, but unfortunately, I feel as if we're going backward. We can do better.

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