Reflect To Redeem

Reflect To Redeem

How to bounce back from last semester.

It's great to be on winter break. I hope everyone's semester was decent enough. If not, well I know people can relate. Personally, this semester could've been better on soooo many levels but I have a sure-fire plan to make next semester a redemption.

First, you gotta relive the semester out in your head to see everything that went wrong. Yes, this sounds terrible. Honestly, it will be. But the purpose is to see what you could've done better. Maybe you could've asked for help, gone out less, actually got some decent sleep, or all of the above. Whatever the case may be, you just need to document solutions to your screw ups.

Next, you need to plan out how you're going to better next semester. You can make these apart of your New Years Resolution, kill two birds with one stone. And when I say plan, actually plan! Get out your handy dandy Google calendar and mark it up with your class schedule. Carve out time to fix whatever you need to work on. For me, it was a lot of things but the main thing was sleep. So I need to put in specific times where I can get enough sleep during my busy schedule.

Finally, like Nike, just do it! Easier said than done, I know. It's going to be hard but you have to follow through on your goals if you really want to improve. Before you even start to lose motivation, tell some people about your goals so you can be held accountable later. Also, write them down or type them out in a nice pretty font and hang it up somewhere that you always look. Over your desk is a good option.

Best of luck with the new semester!

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Stop Ranking Women By Looks Just Because You Have An Ugly Ego

Start paying attention to what really matters.

For some reason that is beyond me, college boys (and I say boys because they are not yet men, obviously) seem to still be ranking girls by their looks. I experience this the most with the "tier system" in Greek life - a hierarchy of sororities based off of who is "hot" and who is "not."

Someone recently attacked the sorority I'm in on Twitter - I'll be nice and not call him out - for being "bottom tier", even though my sorority is filled with beautiful, bright and caring women from all over the country who should not be getting bullied on social media by a butt-hurt frat boy.

This spectacle created a lot of conversation and drama that had me thinking about why women are still putting up with this - and not just in Greek life or college. Women are constantly being judged by their looks, and it's unfair. Yeah, we may also look for certain traits in a man, but I can't recall one time in my life when my friends and I just sat there and taunted others for not being "hot" the way these immature boys do. Not once. Not even in middle school.

I want to say that is blossoms from insecurities, and maybe it does in a way, but I think it's more shallow than that. I honestly believe this mentality comes from the desperate need that many have to feel better than others. People are always competing with one another, whether it's in college or in the workplace, which can spark a lot of "salt", as they say. In other words, boys fuel their big egos by calling girls ugly.

It's time that these boys finally become men and start realizing what really matters. Success is attractive, independence is attractive and most importantly, kindness is attractive. This hotness hierarchy of women created by ego-driven boys is pathetic and cruel.

If you're calling a group of women out on social media for being "less hot" than others, you are the ugly one. It's a bad look, and now everyone on Twitter knows you're an a**hole.

This isn't the first time I've experienced this. In high school, boys at my school would make lists of girls who were "hot" and lists of girls who are "not." I'm sure many others can attest to this. It even happens in the workplace, just more discreetly as "locker room talk." Women can't escape this wherever they go, and it shouldn't be that way.

A woman shouldn't work hard her whole life being nothing but selfless and kind to others just to be shot down by barbarous discussions between boys who are usually just trying to conform with those around them and feel better about themselves, not realizing the detriment it causes women who don't deserve it.

To the boy who came at my sisters and I. To all boys who think making fun of others is okay: Stop ranking women, stop being shallow and stop feeding into your ugly ego.

Cover Image Credit: Mikail Duran

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I'm Saying Bye, Felicia, To Freshman Year And Starting To Flirt With Sophomore Year

Chapters can't last forever, so here's a quick run-through of the first chapter of my new beginning!

FLASH, as I sat in my room thinking about freshman year, I came to the realization that it was really over. This left me with a feeling of sadness because one of the best years of my life had been completed. So, I guess it is true when they say that time flies, and this is why you must strive to create worthwhile memories. The end is always near.

I have changed a lot over this year, and I couldn’t be better for it. I’m more aware of myself, and I love that I”m getting better with God. Going off to college is meant for you to find yourself and explore who that exactly is. While I have year one down in discovering this, I ’m looking forward to seeing what I flourish into.

I was looking through my pictures and Snapchat memories throughout the year, and all I could do was smile at the precious things and laugh at how silly my friends and I are. The memories that I captured can’t be replaced. It’s also about the memories that happened, but you weren’t able to capture them. Those are the ones that get brought up and you all sit there wheezing trying to get it out.

I absolutely believe that you will meet lifelong friends in college. I’m lucky enough to have two sets of friends. I have my Southerners friends and my everyday friend group. We have been in some crazy and hilarious situations.

One of my favorite memories is finals week during the first semester. Leave it to Wes and me to start a dance party on the 10th floor of the library and actually get other people to join in. Another one of my favorite memories is going on an adventure to find my first drive-in movie with three of my closest friends to see “It.”

Three people deserve special recognition because they impacted my year the most. Chrystah, because I was fortunate enough to be able to bring my best friend with me to college, and I wouldn’t have wanted to start freshman year without her.

Courtney for starting out as my roommate and ending up as the person I can cry to at 2 a.m. when I need to, go on several WalMart trips, and meet interesting characters at the TMB with (you know exactly who I’m referring to.) I can honestly call you one of my best friends now and can’t wait to live with you for three more years. June 1st here we come, baby!

Lastly, Micaiah, the girl I’m lucky enough to get as a Big. The night I found out I was your little, I cried...literally! I loved being able to just stop by your room and eat Fruity Pebbles with while we watch “Shrek.” You will do anything and almost everything for me and I am eternally grateful!

“The moment you’ve all been waiting for...The Marching Southerners!”, the highlight of my first semester. The Southerners is an experience like no other. From the people to the music, and the have no choice but to be in awe.

The first time my ears had the pleasure of hearing Stars and Salvation, I knew that I was home and that this group of people were something special. I could continue on this subject, but I will save that for another article.

So, to the soon to be freshman, treasure and make the most of this time. You only get one freshman year of college and you have to decide how it turns out. Even though it was cut short, I can look back on my freshman year and be full of joy.

You’re going to make mistakes and feel totally lost at times, but when you bounce back, those worries and mistakes will seem small. This is me ending another chapter of my life, while you are about to begin yours. Good luck to you all and as Ivey would say, “Peace and Blessings!”

Cover Image Credit: Personal Photo

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