I Love Reconnecting With Old Friends During The Holidays

I Love Reconnecting With Old Friends During The Holidays

Coming home for the holidays isn't about just laying around doing nothing, reach out to your original homies!


Meeting lots of people throughout college has been one of my favorite parts of being away from home, but during the holidays, I love getting together with my first friends I've ever made from back home, even the ones who I haven't seen in years.

This past week, I was able to reconnect with a very old friend of mine from Freshman year of high school and it is such a joy to catch up and learn about what someone with a totally different life than you is doing. My friend Helen and I visited together and she even took me to ride "Limes" (fast scooters) for the first time through Bishop Arts.

What was so neat and eye opening to me about catching up with Helen is that even though we haven't seen each other in person for years, I knew so much about her already from the power of social media. We have been seeing each other thrive through the lovely instagram, Facebook, and we even have a snapchat streak together, where we vaguely chat on every single day!

My point is that social media is so evident in our lives that we sometimes forget how memorable it is to see those people that we never see in person and how nice it is to actually hang out with them, even if its a short get together.

I had so much fun with Helen and getting to talk with her in person was even more special to me. Reconnecting with old friends is also about the ones who are willing to see you. If they are, then it definitely weeds out fake friends who aren't willing to meet you somewhere/wanting to hang out with you.

Luckily in my case, I have many friends who I get to see and catch up with over the holidays since we all go to different schools. It is my favorite time of year because it brings us all together and getting to see those around me grow up/develop into the person they are meant to be is one of the most thrilling things.

How do you guys feel about seeing old friends you haven't seen in awhile? Do you even care? Have you made different friends that make you NOT miss the older ones? I'm curious because everyone is different. I have friends from other schools who don't talk to their friends from High school at all anymore but I also have friends who ONLY talk to their friends from High school. So comment below, no matter how old you are stating who you still talk to/reconnect with! Happy Holidays and stay warm!

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10 Struggles Girls Taller Than 5'7" Feel On A Spiritual Level

3. "Do you date guys that are shorter than you?"

Any girl who is at least 5'8" will understand these struggles and possibly identify with them on a spiritual level.

1. Dresses not being long enough

Finding dresses for any occasion that will be long enough is like searching for rain in a drought. And when you find one, it's bound to either cost $$$ or not fit another aspect of your body.

2. Heck, pants are never long enough either

You are constantly flooding, or else you rolled up your jeans to look like capris. Unless you special ordered some jeans online in the coveted size LONG or EXTRA LONG, this will forever be your fate.

3. "Do you date guys that are shorter than you?"

This is a personal preference people! Don't assume that a girl will or will not date someone just based on their height difference! Also, don't judge if they aren't interested in someone who is shorter than them!

4. Not wearing heels because you don't enjoy being the skyscraper of the friend group

Wearing heels can be fun buuuuuuuut sometimes towering over everyone else is not our idea of fun.

5. It's hard to find cute shoes that actually fit

You would love to have all those cute little shoes in the clearance section, but most of them barely cover your big toe.

6. Everyone thinks you walk too fast

Short-legged people just can't keep up with you, even though you aren't even walking fast. Like at all.

7. People want to jump on your back

Just because you're tall doesn't give them the license to make you into their personal camel.

8. Never being able to cross your legs underneath desks and tables

You. Can. Not. Get. Comfortable.

9. Awkward hugs

Some people will never understand.

10. Never knowing how to pose in pictures

Should you sorority squat? Pop the hip? Bend the leg? Contort your body to feel like a normal sized human? So hard to decide.

Cover Image Credit: Olivia Willoughby

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12 Small Things You Can Do To Celebrate Our Planet On Earth Day

Make a meal using whole foods!


Climate change is ravaging our planet constantly, so take this day to celebrate Earth. There are little things that we should try to do every day, but if anything... Earth Day is the day. Keep your space clean and green, and maybe one day Congress will do the same.

1. Go outside for a couple hours, and leave your phone in your pocket!


Sit and reflect on the beautiful world around you.

2. Take some time to pick up litter on your college campus!


Grab a grocery bag and pick up whatever litter you see outside your dorm, or on your daily walks to classes.

3. Buy some eco-friendly daily essentials...


Buy a canvas tote or a bamboo toothbrush. Get yourself a glass water bottle or some wool dryer balls. So many everyday items can be easily switched out for eco-friendly swaps!

4. Ride your bike to grab a coffee instead of driving.


5. Take a shorter shower.


I am guilty of taking extremely long showers. Cutting your average shower by five or ten minutes can make a huge difference though!

6. Plant some flowers!


Plant a mini garden! Or pot some plants to keep in your dorm and transfer them outside when you move to your forever home!

7. Make a meal using whole foods!


Whole foods don't have packaging or they have a minimal amount that is usually perfect for recycling!

8. Turn your lights off!


Whether this means going to bed earlier, or lighting a few candles, just turn off the lights!

9. Go meat-free for the day!


There are so many delicious meat free options to choose from! One day without meat can help the planet more than you know. Skip the turkey, and reach for more sustainable food options!

10. Educate yourself on what you can and can't recycle...


Did you know that pizza boxes CANNOT be recycled if there is grease on the box, no matter how small the stain? One greasy pizza box can ruin a whole bin full of recycled goods.

11. Choose paper over plastic.


12. Open your windows!


Turn off the A/C and let the Earth cool/heat your home even if it's just for an hour. Your pets will appreciate it too!

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