Stacey Abrams Gave The Real State Of The Union
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Stacey Abrams Gave A Better State Of The Union Than Trump

Did anyone expect otherwise?


After a record-setting 35-day government shutdown, the American people finally got what they deserve: a calm, rational address from a respectable leader that understands the problems of this nation.

Of course, I am referencing the address that Stacey Abrams made after Trump's pathetic ramblings.

When Trump wasn't listing off platitudes, he kept making the same groan-worthy claims over and over again. Most laughably, his feigned pleas for bipartisanship and cooperation go against the 35-day tantrum that the President just threw on the government over a border wall. It is so disingenuous to pretend like you want unity when you refused to compromise for days on end and upended the lives of thousands of federal workers.

Also, Trump continued to lie through his teeth as he remarked about immigration, the economy, and the function of government. He made dubious claims of caravans approaching the Southern border, continued to inflate economic numbers, and made it seem as if he were the reason that so many women were now in Congress.

Thank God we had a reasonable, rational response.

In her response, Stacey continued to prove that she is an articulate, effective leader and will be a significant player for Democratic politics going forward. Abrams harped on many vital issues, including an actual call for rallying with our neighbors, the importance of charity, and the real problems facing the country today.

However, that is not to say that Abrams speech was perfect and Trump's had no good qualities. For Trump's end, it was an important bipartisan moment to focus on infrastructure and fixing drug prices- two issues that can be agreed upon down the aisle. It was also a very moving moment to have a Holocaust survivor in the audience as Trump condemned anti-Semitism, providing a powerful rebuke of the hatred that was seen at the Tree of Life shooting in October.

As for Abrams, while he continued to stay on policy and provided an effective platform for progress, her speech still serves as a reminder that the Democratic might even not go far enough to combat Trump.

In her speech, Abrams never directly called out Trump on any of his lies, misnomers, or falsehoods. While the Democratic platform seems to focus more on providing the actual information, it is important to directly call out Trump on his BS. The American people need to be reminded that we are being led by a person that cannot even get the basic facts straight. If all the Democrats can offer is their own truths, that just gives Trump the ammunition to yell "fake news!" and provide more alternative facts.

Also, Abrams never directly addressed any aspect of corruption or the ongoing Russian scandal. While it can be understood that Democrats might not want to overplay their hand, this is still an important issue to reiterate to their American people: a foreign power could compromise our President. If nothing else, the ongoing crony capitalism of Trump's tariffs, tax policy, and staff picks are full enough holes in Trump's "for the middle class" schtick that you could drive a semi through them.

Despite the Democrats still lacking the nerve to fully engage Trump in his own game, we should always be thankful that we have articulate, intelligent opposition to provide American with a real State of the Union.

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