Time Magazine released an issue back in June that sparked news and opinions almost instantly. This cover depicts President Donald Trump looking down at a crying little immigrant girl. Time Magazine's cover ignited conversation all over the media. This controversial Time Magazine has been a trending topic in the media, even now. Many people passionately expressed their strong opinions about the cover.

Some argued that this cover was inaccurately depicted as the little girl was not separated from her family, which was confirmed by many sources.

For those who haven't seen the original picture, here it is:

Immigrant Girl

I agree the child in the picture wasn't separated from her family. However, the content Time Magazine presented and what a portion of the audience describes as "fake news" shouldn't be heavily scrutinized. Instead, we need to focus on the bigger picture—Time's bold, unconventional attempt to use image appropriation, using elements from a picture to create an entirely different image that delivers a powerful message arguing that immigrant family separation is just wrong. Thousands of children are dealing with this traumatizing experience, and it's unfortunate there are people who don't understand how immoral this is. This image intentionally catches the audience's attention because it's the harsh truth, and we need people to understand the demoralization going on. This issue is burdening the United States' progress of fostering an inclusive culture for its citizen and damages other countries' perceptions of the United States.