Quinn XCII Repeatedly Selling Out Shows On "The Story Of Us" Tour
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Quinn XCII Repeatedly Selling Out Shows On "The Story Of Us" Tour

Check out his tour and tickets here.

Quinn XCII Repeatedly Selling Out Shows On "The Story Of Us" Tour
Parker Jackson

It's a Tuesday night. We all have school or work tomorrow. It's late. We should all be acting responsibly. But we're not. We are sweaty and grinning and screaming along with Quinn XCII as he showers us with his melodic yet electric sounds on his tour, “The Story Of Us Part II," at White Oak Music Hall in Houston, Texas.

Opener Chelsea Cutler got the party started and our feet moving with her girl-power attitude and newly written lyrics, fresh to the world and music industry alike. She shared with the audience that she was unhappy in school so she dropped out of college to follow her dream of making and performing music, and that is a story we all need to take to heart and hear.

I'm not suggesting we all drop out of college, but I am saying with all of my soul that every human being deserves to live out their dream and be happy doing it, whatever that looks like.

Quinn's bass-filled intro began, the lights dimmed, yellow lights flashed everywhere, and the crowd completely lost it. The split second of silence followed by the eruption of deafening sound as the headliner emerges to the stage is a rush that fans from all genres of music live for.

Bright colors and lights engulf the darkness of the room, and the rich color engraved in his sound drowned out the other kind of darkness, the weight of the world, the various realities we were all busy escaping.

For these few weeknight hours, it's as though nothing else existed but this vivid dance party with a few of your 100 closest strangers, that for just a moment, feel like your closest friends.

The crowd was young, the crowd was old, but they all had one thing in common. The love of live music and passionate lyrics that proclaim the ups and downs of this precious thing called life we all get to live.

Quinn XCII left it all on the stage, thanking us profusely for being a part of his tour and supporting him through our gushing fandom.

Check out his tour and tickets here.

A good time isn't exclusively for weekends, and special occasions, it's for Tuesdays, boring and exciting days alike. It's for all days.

Artists like Quinn are here to prove it to you.

Follow Quinn XCII on Instagram here and Spotify here.

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