Quick and Easy Hairstyles For College

Quick and Easy Hairstyles For College

Your hair will be looking great within minutes!

Here are some of my favorite quick and easy hairstyles for college that will make you look super put together!

1. Dutch Braids and Bun

2. Half up Half Down

3. French Braids

4. Low Bun

5. Messy Bun

6. Fish Tail Wrap

7. Small Side Braid

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Nailbiter Habits

Habits of Nailbiters

If you know me or have a class with me you know I bite my nails... a lot. Sometimes it’s a result of anxiety and nervousness while other times it’s just a way for me to pass the time. Most of the time it’s a way of thinking and processing. It sounds weird but I guess it’s a way for my mind to drift and think about stuff I need to do while my body just kind of goes on autopilot.

I’ve never been that proud of nail-biting, I feel it’s a lot like smoking. It’s an addiction and it only gets more addicting the more you do it. So I figured I’d put down a list of the thoughts that go through my head when nail biting.

1. Why Am I Doing This?

I have pretty good nails. Am I just nervous? Am I thinking? Am I just bored? It kind of hurts to do this but I guess it makes the time go by. God, I’m bored. That nail is sticking out and it’s really bugging me. Guess I better do something about it.

2. Lost In Thought

A common thing that will happen when I bite my nails is that I’m often trapped in my own head trying to come up with a solution to an issue. Sometimes that issue will be social, most of the time the issue is a stressor like school, work, or schoolwork.

3. I Know I’ll Regret It Later On

Biting your nails can really hurt. Some people do it casually while I bite them to the nub. It’s some kind of primal compulsion that tells me, “hey, there’s a hangnail, you should take care of it.” And before I know it my entire fingertip is in pain. Not to mention the fact that the nail also gets dry afterward which can get pretty annoying.

4. It’s Impossible To Open Anything

Fingernails can sometimes be used as a way to open different packages or cans. I’ve seen people do it but since I bit mine off a long time ago and still do it to this day I’ve never had that luxury. When I need to dig into something I’ll only have the skin around my fingertips as opposed to something that will actually be able to grab onto something. If I get a package from Amazon or need to unwrap something my fingers are almost never able to get the job done.

5. I Want To Stop

I’ve tried to stop my habit three or so times over the past few years. College, in particular, has made me want to stop given that I’m going to be facing the real world soon and if my fingernails look out of place I probably won’t be taken as seriously. No matter how many times I stop there’s just something about biting my nails that’s satisfying to me.

6. I Need A Manicure

God, it would be amazing to just sit back and have someone fix my mangled nails... even if I’d probably find a way to mess them up again.

To be honest, it’s a terrible habit and one I don’t encourage playing around with. I’ve been trying to quit for years and hopefully one day I’ll actually do it. In the meantime, this article is a great means to get my thoughts out there. Especially given that the thought of deadlines being due in half an hour makes me want to... oh shit, I’m at it again.

Cover Image Credit: Pexels

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6 Products That Are Key To Perfect Skin

Bring out a celestial glow by using these everyday essentials.

My struggle with acne has often brought me unprompted "This will do miracles for your skin" suggestions, such as 'just drink more water.' Unfortunately for many of us, attaining flawless, acne-free skin doesn't come as easy. Taking care of your own skin is personal—it varies from person to person. The following includes products I have been using to reduce my acne and scarring, helping me to feel more confident on days I choose to go without makeup.

1. Rose Hip Seed Oil

Rose hip grows on rose plants and is rich in vitamin C. This fruit is commonly used as an antioxidant and is also used in herbal teas, reducing inflammation in the body. However, when extracted as a seed, the oil contains less vitamin C and more vitamin A, another powerful antioxidant.

Rose hip seed oil can reduce the appearance of acne scars, fine lines, and wrinkles, and can promote soft, glowing skin. It is important to not directly apply this product onto active acne, as it can clog pores. Rose hip seed oil can alternatively be used to remove dandruff.

My favorite one I've been using in the morning is Kate Blanc 100% Rosehip Seed oil ($12.95/1oz).

2. Jojoba Oil

The jojoba nut is full of restorative properties that make it a great oil for moisturizing hair and skin. This wound-healing oil can be used to treat sunburns, and the iodine found inside fights against harmful bacteria which can lead to breakouts. This oil promotes soft, radiant skin, and is a must-have in any skin routine. Jojoba will not clog pores, as opposed to rose hip.

You can use Kate Blanc Jojoba Oil ($9.99/2oz) in your shampoo/conditioner or as a part of your moisturizing routine.

3. Snail Cream

Although it may not seem appealing to the ear, snail cream has been proven to minimize acne scarring and promote healthy, moisturized skin. This extract is known to boost collagen and reduce inflammation of the skin. Snail filtrate use in cosmetics and skin care has been increasing, especially in Korean skin care.

You can find this product on Amazon or on Korean skincare websites. Here is one by Portugal Cosmetics ($14.20/1.94oz).

4. Rosewater

Queen Cleopatra of Egypt was a huge supporter of the healing properties that rosewater has to offer. Similar to rose hip seed oil, rosewater carries antioxidant properties and can reduce redness and irritation of the skin. It smooths the skin and helps produce a radiant complexion, making this blessing in a bottle perfect for dull skin.

Rosewater comes in many different forms, but my two favorites I have been using are the Thayers Witch Hazel Rose toner ($6.99/12 fl oz) and the Mario Badescu Rosewater Facial Spray ($7.00/4 fl oz).

5. Zinc supplements

Sometimes the best thing you can do for your skin (and body) is to monitor your diet by drinking more water, or in other cases, using vitamin supplements. Zinc is known to promote the wound-healing process, resulting in reduced scarring and the treatment of acne. Zinc is also used to delay aging, and it improves the immune system.

Zinc Supplements ($13.48/200 ct) are available on Amazon, or at your nearest grocery store.

6. Azelaic Acid

Comparable to benzoyl peroxide, Azelaic Acid’s antioxidants reduce redness and acne while combating scaring. Simultaneously, the acid brightens the skin, producing a vibrant, ethereal glow.

My favorite one is the The Ordinary Azelaic Acid Suspension 10% ($7.90/30ml).

Cover Image Credit: Emily Rizvic

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