Stop. Just stop.

I know healing isn't exactly an easy, breezy walk in the park, but neither is allowing the judgement of others define your worth. It's easy to see the flaws in yourself and it's easy to convince yourself that others see them too, but trust me, they are more blind than you think. Besides, no one is perfect.

I know sometimes you think you need the acceptance of others, but the thoughts of others do not decide your importance. You are worth more than you realize.

Much too often we look to others for guidance and acceptance, which is fine, until that soon turns into us placing our value in the hands of those in which they do not belong. Or maybe someone gives you attention or affections and suddenly you are blinded by the need and dependency of that person, but don't be deceived. You are stronger than you give yourself credit for.

You shouldn't put the power to destroy yourself in someone else's hands. You matter too much for that and so does your mentality and how you view yourself. People are only as controlling as you allow them to be. So don't let them control your happiness or decide your value.

It's not easy. Sometimes we get caught up in the desirable attentions from others that is toxic and puts us in a bad place. But you are more that the hands that touch your skin, or the whispers that call your name, whether in ecstasy or in shame.

You are more than the hypocritical stares and pointing fingers that point back to the accusers. You are more than the people that love just your beautiful body and not your beautiful and ugly mind. You are worth everything.

So don't let the lust of men/women deceive you. Don't put all your trust into someone until they earn it. Life will let you down and sometimes it feels as if life is personally trying to make you fall, but it's up to you to find your worth.

Allow yourself to acknowledge your mistakes, your fears, your demons, and insecurities. Just don't let them take control and lead your life because you are worth more than the stars and earth combined, darling.